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hi, if u have any info about pune ats officers figuer..or arms quntity.....

On Sun, Apr 11, 2010 at 5:34 PM, Ramnarayan.K <> wrote:


A single comment on top. I totally agree with Sarabjit about how this
UIDAI exercise is nothing but a way to keep tabs on everybody, (and if
thats not possible then atleast those who dissent)

On 4/9/10, sarbajitr <> wrote:
> 3) UIDAI is a (shortly to be privatised) database to track each and every
> Indian resident, and is an important unit in the plan to convert India into
> a "police state". Other important steps if this plan are to photograph and
> fingerprint every Indian citizen in the guise of the Census of India /
> National Population Register 2011.

Is there a way to avoid this, will it be a crime to not be part of the
census. Am thinking some futuristic sci fi movie where people fake
some chip in their head to get around the system.

> 4) Although the GoI cl;aims that data is confidential, in reality it is
> being shared with each and every state / police / intelligence agency
> including foreign (US / Israeli) agencies. So the next time, say, someone
> from your caste or religion provokes a communal incident (say Godhra /
> Gujrata / "big tree falling") the local politicians and the communalised
> police will instantly know how to locate you for their revenge.

The chinese are already hacking into our most secret systems, and the
canadians who knew kept quiet. Needless to say there are enough people
out there just waiting for this opportunity to get hold of full
details and if they so want they can send in legal citizens without
anyone knowing better. So much for enhanced security.

In the late 20's and 30's (the 1900 wallah) the dutch kept meticulous
and detailed records of every citizen, esp, Jews. The idea was
honorable, to ensure that services could be targetted at those who
needed it the most. Well Hitlers Machinery certainly delivered
services to these 1000's of unfortunate souls. .

We have evidence that targeted attacks have been carried out, in
India, during every major incident (and probably minor as well) so
there is every reason to believe that each one of us as individuals
will now be a compromised soul.

I think we need to revisit this whole issue and figure out if we can
make enough noise to stall this nefarious scheme


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