Monday, April 19, 2010

[rti_india] Re: DoPT releases report on discussion with "civil society"


Well, from DoPT's document, Maja Daruwala didn't speak at all there.

In any case, I have just sent an email to Secy DoPT that consultations with what is half of the NCPRI working committee can hardly be deemed to be consultation with "all civil society" (list attached) as they claim. AND CERTAINLY NOT AS A BASIS FOR AMENDING RTI ACT in a hurry without public consultation !!!.


--- In, ashish kr1965 <ashishkr1965@...> wrote:
> Dear Sarabjit
> Surely Maja Daruwala of CHRI "speaks" on RTI-India ?
> Ashish
> >DoPT releases its report of their "discussions" with their pet running dogs
> >('sarkaari kutte') of RTI. All the usual suspects - none of whom have the
> >courage to speak on this RTI group - the only public and uncensored RTI
> >forum :-)

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