Sunday, April 18, 2010

[rti_india] 10 lakh litres water stolen from Dahisar Slums-HT-18/3/10


Dear Friends
                    Filed RTI to R/North after reading this news item.(22/3/10)
DMC Mr Ashok Khaire has given a statement that Cases have been filed with the police against the slum lords and the water mafia and there are at least 6000-7000 illegal shanties on the mangove land. On the contrary the PIO concerned says No FIRs have been lodged and no action taken.
Reasons for the shortage of water by the MCGM is electicity failure at the pumping stations and breakdown at trunk main valves etc
We in the ward had water cuts. In 2009/10 AY- the flat owners paid water charges to BMC of Rs 130637474. After paying taxes we face problems and these illegal slums enjoy all the Civic ammenities.GREAT. ( Mr Harish Pandey Plz contact me in this regard 9969972283)

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