Monday, April 19, 2010

[rti_india] Re: How to get information of UNISEF ,ADB


Dear Manoj

Assume that both statements are substantially true.

Insofar as the other points are concerned - you cannot see the wood because of the trees.


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> Dear Sarbajit Roy ji,
> Â
> Â Â Â Â Â In the reply, you have selected one link "what we do" ---showing entire funding by Ministery of Rural development(GoI). In yet another link, "about CCDU"---showing funding by GoI and UNISEF. On asking for PIO,they claim complete exemption telephonically (although I sent RTI application) and subsequently SIC will decide.
> Â
> Secondly, their four consultants and seven regional support units and various activities as claimed on website need RTI-disclosure as at Bikaner no such unit is in actual working as claimed on website.
> Â
> As far as ADB is concerned, it has been sanctioning ODIUS loans (for projects imposed by ruling govt). In 2000, one infrastructure project of 1500 crores(@9.5% interest rate when our banking industry was lending at 5%) was sancitoned. For not timely consumption of loan,commitment charges of 36 crores (as per audit report) were borne by state govt in phase-I DUE TO CONSULTANTS IMPOSED BY ADB.Â
> Â
> and just two years back , another 1500 crores infrastructure proejct has been sanctioned and their is very dismal progress leading to heavy commitment charges .Enlisted (in ADB) Consultanting firms with approval of false CV (WITHOUT SUPPORTING EXPERIENCE CERTIFICATE AS IN CV) is the main cause of delay,inefficient design,supervision defeating purpose of loan.Same problem was during Satyendra Dubey murder (by substituting experts by novices with false CV just after getting consultancy contracts).
> Â
> Kindly suggest how to disclose actual experience of experts(actually subsituted novices)Â having very heavy CV (in 4-7 pages) WITHOUT ANY SUPPORTING EXPERIENCE CERTIFICATEÂ as per CV.
> Â
> With regards
> Manoj K.Kamra
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