Friday, April 9, 2010

[rti_india] Re: unique identity number


Dear Mr Goyal

1) Please note that circulating your contact / professional details and mobile number on this group may result in suspension of your membership here.

2) As the citizen who got UIDAI brought under RTI [] , and hence deeming myself to be an expert on UIDAI, I can say that your proposals are entirely misconceived and demonstrates a marked lack of understanding of what UIDAI really is.

3) UIDAI is a (shortly to be privatised) database to track each and every Indian resident, and is an important unit in the plan to convert India into a "police state". Other important steps if this plan are to photograph and fingerprint every Indian citizen in the guise of the Census of India / National Population Register 2011.

4) Although the GoI cl;aims that data is confidential, in reality it is being shared with each and every state / police / intelligence agency including foreign (US / Israeli) agencies. So the next time, say, someone from your caste or religion provokes a communal incident (say Godhra / Gujrata / "big tree falling") the local politicians and the communalised police will instantly know how to locate you for their revenge.


--- In, satish kumar goyal <ndskgoyal@...> wrote:
> respected all,
> UIDAI has been formed and assigned the job of allotting U ID No to the people of India.this UID No is the biggest weapon to fight all the malpractices of politicians, bureaucrats and others . It can check all the corruption and blackmoney but not in its proposed form. I suggest the following modifications to its proposed structure
> 1 Make UID No mandatory for everyone living in India.
> 2 New UID No should be alotted at birth.
> 3 UID cards should be issued with biometric data.
> 4 UID card must have all the information of the person ie wealth, property, job, family etc.
> 5 Every transaction except retail purchase upto Rs 5000/ should be posted in UID card.
> Please share your suggestions and ask the govt to modify it.

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