Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Re: [HumJanenge] Another QUICK POLL: "Is Kashmir really an integral part of India ?"

Dear "who.will.file.rti"

1) Mr. Ashish is not only a member but also a moderator. From time to time
polls will be issued to determine the direction the group will take. We are
all concerned that focus of this group is to be on RTI and directly related
issues, and that bandwidth of this group (300 emails/month) is not abused.

2) RTI itself has now become highly politicised. The NAC drama being a
case in point. Personally I find it highly significant that a majority of the
members who posted here find Ms Sonia Gandhi to be "dishonest"
"anti-national" etc. The NAC (and its members) is then equally liable to
be tarred with the same brush.

3) In the same way, although you may not see it now, the Kashmir
query Ashish has posed, has deep RTI dimensions (beyond the 2
supplementaries he added post your email). I fail to see why you are
"obstructing" this poll. The fact that this poll is in discussion does
not preclude or prevent you or anyone from asking queries/discussions
on other RTI matters / CIC, HC etc. It is indisputable that this group
is today the premier RTI discussion mailing list in the whole of RTI.

4) Ashish has replied to one of your queries. To you accept it or want
to discuss it ?


On Wed, Jan 26, 2011 at 6:10 PM, Abhimanyu <> wrote:
> dear HP.I only wanted to say that some members want to keep RTI people busy
> in useless politiocal topics instead of RTI related issues.
> What they want by debating kashmir issue??????
> why they do not discuss merits and demerits of recent orders of CIC ????
> Let us all stop such useless POLLS .. Let us start discuss HC orders and CIC
> orders of common interest ...

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