Sunday, January 30, 2011

Re: [HumJanenge] RTI Activists in Kolkata

Friends, Will it be more risk free and will it be more meaningful, if a directory of RTI Activists, throughtout India is compiled by some one and each active RTI organisation of each state have a copy of this information.   Any application which is risky and needs co-operation, each associations in each State can also apply to the same informatin which is being pursued by the peson under risk so that his risk is totally reduced if not avoided.   The suggestion can be considered properly and without bindings. Regafrds, dwarakanathdm,nbca

2011/1/29 Ashok R. Mansata <>
Hi all,Can someone please suggest the name of any RTI expert in Kolkata with whom I can discuss some RTI related issues.

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