Saturday, January 29, 2011

[RTI INDIA] Role of RCS in Cooperative Group Housing Societies

Dear RTI Activists,
In continuation of my request for information, in reply to my RTI application ID no. 10393 dated 30.12.2010, to RCS, GNCTD, I havge received a reply as follows:
"You have requested to provide photocopies of affidavits submitted by 79 members of the Society to the President of the Society who in turn submitted
 to RCS before final drw of lots of flats.  The infomation pertains to Society record. The Society is not a public authority, hence your application
cannot be forwarded to society to provide you the information."
MY question is:
1. Is Registrar of Cooperative Societies, Govt. of NCT of De3lhi is not a public Authority? If it is, I have asked for information
which is with this Public Authority?   I have never said that you forward my RTI application to the Society.   
2. Is RCS office has no role to play as regards monitoring the activities of the Societies and seek RCS  permission by se3nding relevant documents including 
    members' affidavits for final darw of lots?
3.  I was the 80th member who was not allotted the flat. No reason is given by the RCS or the President of the Society
4.  If RCS has no role, why 27 Coop. Group housing Socieites of Dwarka which held  the draw themselves as RCS is not ready to send its representative 
    for the draw, should be given any notice for legal action against them? RCS is not ready to send its nominee for the draw despite Delhi High Court
    Orders and instructions of the Cheif Minister of Delhi.
On hearing from RTI activists, I shall give immense material of corrupt practices to the Movement of RTI as well as Fight against Corruption or
India Against Corruption the subject of todays' RALLIES all over India. 
Hari Goyal
former Professor of Economics, LBS National
Academy of Administration, Mussaoorie (U.P.)
011- 2508 2239  

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