Wednesday, January 26, 2011

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At national level the vital question of demolition of unauthorised construction(countrywide) could be taken up.The SC passed a judgementin TN's case that therewill be no regularisation etc and demolition is the only way out.On this issue our legal hands could possibly compile the most relevant case law and a common format for seeking info from concerned authorities of different Cities/States could be devised.In a way the best of centralised/decentralised efforts could be brought into play,to unleash the stormy power of RTI to bring about perceptible effect in the governance of the nation.Thats what our mini pledge on the auspicious occasion of 62nd RD could be.

On Wed, Jan 26, 2011 at 6:22 PM, nripinder kalia <> wrote:
My dear Pramod,
 uU can file your RTI Application in MCD's head office in town hall.
With best wishes,


On 1/26/11, <> wrote:
> Dear friends.
> The MCD Sealing / demolitation drive a couple of years ago left certain
> areas scarred. Prominent buildings on MG Road are left resembling war
> ravaged structures. Why weren't they demolished, debris removed, & land put
> to sensible public use ? Purpose served appears questionable.
> Can someone advise whether & how can I apply RTI to enquire why MCD has left
> these large crumbling eyesores  still standing, precariousely threatening
> human life?
> Pramod Bhandari
> Gurgaon
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