Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Re: [rti4empowerment] Fw: Re: [HumJanenge] Another QUICK POLL: "Is Kashmir really an integral part of India ?"

What you think is not relevant, what the law says is.

Your reply does not explain / consider why a PIO cannot cite 8(1)(d) and/or 8(1)(j) to deny the info.  It merely states that BECAUSE the contractor hasfurnished it to State it AUTOMATICALLY qualifies to be disclosable, 8(1)(d) is meant for precisely these situations, as also 8(1)(j).

Merely because somebody has had to disclose his turnover to, say, establish his pre-qualification to secure a Govt Contract, does not mean that the section 8 exemptions cease to apply or that the CPIO cannot apply his own mind instead of issuing a section 11 3rd party notice.

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On Wed, Jan 26, 2011 at 7:33 PM, Abhimanyu <> wrote:
Dear sarbajit .
Ashish has replied to me saying government contractors turnover is not disclosable under RTI.
I do not agree with him.
since a government contractor needs to submit his turnover details to government departments where he want to get work so as to determind his financial soundness , I think this informatioon is disclosable .
any takers ??

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