Monday, January 24, 2011

Re: [HumJanenge] The plagiarists of RTI movement

I request the members to have faith in each other and not to
pin point small mistakes.
Yes we must accept that the year 2011 will bring more open
minded ness amongst us.
I also request that if by mistake address of other groups is
mentioned, the same should not be taken seriously.
Dr. JN Sharma

On 1/18/11, Raminder Singh <> wrote:
> Dear Sarbjit
> On behalf of the members can we assume that 2011 is going to be yet another
> a dynamic year for this group ?.
> 1. Under the management of the "RTI-India" team of Roy & IPS, the number of
> "rubbish" mails posted to this group is firmly in control to achieve within
> the limit of 300 per month.
> 2. All the RTI nutcases have been channeled to rti4emp-gg, so that is indeed
> a welcome development.
> 3. By targeting NAC, NCPRI and Aruna Roy (instead of poor old Shailesh
> Gandhi) I am sure that this group will be very well appreciated, both in
> activist as well as govt circles.
> Raminder
> On Tue, Jan 18, 2011 at 1:22 PM, sroy 1947 <> wrote:
>> Here is an interesting wiki tit-bit concerning Ms. Aruna "Roy".
>> Not content with stealing my IP and passing It off as her own
>> at the NAC, it seems her alleged husband Sanjit (Bunker) Roy
>> is into the same business MO. After getting huge chunks of prime land
>> at incredible prices on the prime NH-8 to set up their Barefoot
>> University, it now turns out they had hired a professional architect
>> from Delhi to design the campus but later claimed that it was
>> architecturally designed by some illiterate village architects. This
>> enterprising duo (Roy and Roy(?)) even had the audacity to apply
>> for and be awarded the prestigious Agha Khan Foundation award
>> for best indigenous architecture.
>> When the actual architect came to know about this, he promptly
>> complained to the Aga Khan Trust, who in an unprecedented move
>> stripped the Roys of their award and demanded the prize money back
>> in 2002. The canny duo then allegedly decided to "return" the award
>> but hang on to the money claiming they had spent it all up.

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