Thursday, January 27, 2011

Re: [HumJanenge] RTI activist shot in UP

Dear Mr Modi

Its good to see that somebody is still reading mails from this group.

The declared purpose of this group is RTI and discussions on CIC/SIC/HC decisions. Unfortunately we have not been having any kind of civilised discussion for a variety of reasons. Instead we are merely circulating news and views, such as about these so-called RTI activists.

Who or what is an "RTI activist". Is the term defined in the RTI Act ? Is an RTI activist entitled to some sort of special status ? How do you distinguish a blackmailer who uses RTI from an activist ? Is it not true that these so-called RTI activists are endangering the lives of ordinary citizens who use RTI ? When all these incidents show that the Govt is
powerless to stop the violence and killings of blackmailers, then why should these mafias distinguish between killing a citizen who files 1 RTI about his neighours illegal construction from a professional extortionist who files hundreds of such RTIs for blackmail ? Is it not
easier for mafias to kill innocent citizens who used RTI occasionally (soft targets) as a warning not to files RTIs against their illegal buildings.

The problem is that there are professional RTI gangs who are hand in glove with mafias. They encourage ordinary citizens to file RTIs at the drop of a hat for trivial problems. They organise camps to promote bizarre concepts like "Use RTI avoid bribes". As a result the instituionalised grievance system of the PA lose its value and wither away. Ask yourself
is it not true that all these so-called hero RTI activists are all ex-babus with serious corruption / viligilance / spying charges pending against them.

I made a statement sometime back for which I apologised. I now see that I was wrong to apologise because my gut feeling was correct. So I shall repeat that statement again.



On Thu, Jan 27, 2011 at 11:28 PM, Chanchal <> wrote:
Dear Friends,

This is my first mail to this group, though i keep reading most of the mails. Sometimes i felt to quit, but  left the idea, not because it ever sensitized me about any of the issue discussed here, but atleast it keeps making me aware, that though many of us claim to work for RTI, just a few of us (literally can be counted) really do so. Maximum of us want to comment to make ourself in the centre of the Debate.

Now, a man who filed an RTI application was shot dead, the issue of RTI remains NREGA, a flagship scheme over our govt get boast of.

Now, what proof we require to be submitted by the Victim's side to get case highlighted by RTI Supporters like us. Are we here to help for RTI activists? 

Mr Sharabjit, your few ideas really motivates me but i feel sorry that most of them reflect your immaturity. Well I don't know at what position you work at and what capacity you have to suuport RTI; but atleast I can say this that you are the not one who can really fight for common man right. You guys believe in just making comments over one another................ It seems that RTI has become such a Issue, where people are just making a race to come at fore front seeing others in their competition; to be called that they are the ones who work for RTI.
Now, yourself says that he filed an RTI against  BDO for NREGA Issues. Is not enough for us just get sensitized even we know what RTI is; leave to be called as RTI activist, shame on us ............... if we can't do anything ourselves, atleast we can motivate others to do.

with warm regards 


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