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RE: [HumJanenge] Quick group poll: HONESTY OF POLITICIANS

A- Prime Minister Manmohan Singh is an honest persons beyond doubt surrounded by some dishonest persons.  Unable to take tough postures under compulsion to keep the show running.
2G spectrum scan wherein Mr A Raja of DMK is in the dock supports this theory. 
Public has elected Congress with its head, Mrs. Sonia Gandhi. 
PM is perceived to be her nominee after Mrs. Gandhi made so publicised sacrificed for the post of PM. 
Exact reasons of sacrifice is not known but some say that a big hitch is of Mrs. Gandhi not being an Indian citizen by birth.  Former President, APJ Abdul Kalam's decision on PM last time after his meeting with Shri Mulayam Singh Yadav is a big mystry.  Seems no written recomd about that.
Many consider present arrangement as an stop gap arrangement til Shri Rahul Gandhi takes the reins of power after attaining maturity and wide support. No body is sure about the above perceptions. 

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A.    Honest BUT too weak to at.
B.    No
C.   No
D.   Can't say. 
H.D. Goyal


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Subject: Re: [HumJanenge] Quick group poll: HONESTY OF POLITICIANS

My response.
A. Yes
B. Don't Know
C. Yes
D. Don't Know.

AK Anand

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Subject: [HumJanenge] Quick group poll: HONESTY OF POLITICIANS

Friends, Fellow members of Humjanenge

Many "patriotic" and secular (Uniform Civil Code etc.) members of this group have voiced a concern that an anti-secular agenda emanating from a coterie running the country (which they call BHARAT) is as important an issue to discuss and engage upon, as say only corruption.

In particular a message from Sh Sant Mathur is interesting

"Its well known that secretively a scandalous communal agenda of
Islamisation/Christianisation of BHARAT is getting followed under the
dictat(mostly indirect) of the top most political functionaries of the
governing Alliance of the nation. Its a shame that its not getting exposed
as corruption is !
spm "

In this context I would request the Learned members of this group to freely express / vote on the following simple query by posting to this group. Please trim all emails and only answer YES or NO.


I believe that the following politicians are honest, secular and have acted in national interest in their public actions
at least 70% of the time.

A) Prime Minister Dr. ManMohan Singh (YES / NO)
B) Chairperson UPA (Ms Sonia Gandhi) (YES / NO)
C) Former Prime Minister Sh Atal Bihari Vajpayee (YES NO)
D) Former Home Minister Sh Lal Krishna Advani (YES / NO)

Stand up and speak out

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