Sunday, January 30, 2011

Re: [HumJanenge] Chalo Assembly- Long March from Nandurbar to Mumbai(500km.)

Dear Gobind

You are completely misinformed about the facts of the HumJanenge groups. I can assure you that Mr Shailesh Gandhi was never an owner / moderator of HJ (unlike me). It is also incorrect to say that I was kicked off the group. In fact I am still a member of the HJ-YG group, and it was mutually agreed between me and PMK that I would stop posting to that group using my then public ID (which was then sroy1947@yahoo.c..).

The RTI_India Yahoo group was also begun with the full knowledge and participation of PMK (he was a moderator too), so that many people on HJ who were not from Maharashtra or did not subscribe to the blinkered view of RTI being agitated by persons like Shailesh Gandhi or Shahid Burney etc could evolve their own interpretations of the Act.


On Sat, Jan 29, 2011 at 2:42 PM, Govind... Hoping for better <> wrote:
Dear Mr. Roy,

If you kick me off..nothing wrong will happen to me. I don't want any self publicity and I never intend to do so either. The language you have used is offensive. About Humjanenge group, you have to also accept that you have created this group for self publicity as original HumJanenge Group was on Yahoo and Started by late Shri Prakash Kardlay and Shri Shailesh Gandhi and many other prominent RTI activisit and citizen were there. If you remember you were "kicked off" from that group.
About other details, my contact no. and everything is part of my mail signature and why should I change it for you?

About purpose of the group, if you are really intend to discuss only decision of SIC/CIC you should have kept the messaging option in such a way that only after your approval mail posting would have been possible. You are self not adhering to group policy.

Whether it is lady or gentlemen you should not use such language which is not appropriate at all.

This is really sad to see such attitude from you. You must apologize for using such language to the lady. If she and her NGO think 500 KMs is long march there is nothing wrong. Mao itself has never defined the long march distances. For poor Adivasis for their rights, it might be long march.


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