Friday, January 28, 2011

Re: [HumJanenge]Moderators! Kindly take me off this e-group.

Does anyone have a clue about how I can get myself off this e-group?

Moderators! Kindly take me off this e-group.

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Subject: [HumJanenge] Chalo Assembly- Long March from Nandurbar to Mumbai(500km.)


Long March from Nandurbar to Mumbai (500km) for the Right to Jal, Jungle, Jamin & Natural Resources

Dear Friend,
Zindabad !!

Tribal on North Maharastra has decided to make their protest at Mumbay in the front of assembly seeking relief and the fast implementation of Forest rights act, 2006 under the banner of Lok Sangharsh Morcha. About  5 thousand tribal men and women along with their children will be marching from Nandurbar to Mumbai by walk (Padyatra) with the distance of 500km from 1st March,2011. Padyatra will reach Mumbai on 15th of March,20011. Hundreds of public meetings will be planned on the way during the Yatra at several places to get endorsement of public/ civil society. Volunteers and a team of Doctors are also accompanied with the Yatra. Different mass organizations, political leaders, intellectuals and social activists will join them during the Yatra.
We are highly obliged if you make your valuable support to the struggle by joining us, by sending volunteers/ cultural teams, through publication materials, vehicles or in any other form you can consider better.
Pl. see the attachment.
Pratibha Shinde
Lok Sangharsh Morcha

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