Saturday, January 18, 2014


India Against Corruption

                                                  DELHIITES  DESERVE  BETTER

Advisories have been issued by several governments  including France,  U K and Canada advising their  women nationals that they should exercise caution while visiting India,  in view of the fact   that women receive unwanted attention in the form of verbal and physical harassment by individuals or groups of men.  The French government made special mention of Delhi and have said that greatest caution is required particularly in Paharganj area close to Connaught place and New Delhi railway station.  After the Nirbhaya case in 2012, the recent sexual assault  on Danish woman in Delhi  appear to have convinced several governments abroad that Delhi could be one of the most unsafe places for women in the world. 


he administration of Delhi is now  under the  control  of the central government and Delhi government.  In the Delhi government, we see a minister , who should know better, calling the Nigerian women as prostitutes and  drug addicts and  the cadre of the ruling party in Delhi using abusive language against them in public. Later on, the medical examination is said to have revealed that the women have not taken drugs. We see another minister in central government who has married thrice and the third wife has now passed away in unclear circumstances.


With  the presence of  such ministers in the governments , Delhiites cannot feel confident that the safety conditions for women  will improve in Delhi. Certainly, Delhiites deserve better. Atleast in the case of protecting women, the ministers in the central government and Delhi government  should cooperate  without indulging in counter productive mutual accusation.  The mater is too serious to be approached with partisan or political considerations and the ministers who show lack of sensitivity in dealing with matters relating to the image and safety of women should be sacked forthwith.



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