Sunday, January 12, 2014

Re: [IAC#RG] Aam aadmi party’s helpline to help whom ?

It would be a power drunk character alone who wouldn't allow space to others to voice their views. It was the premise of the protagonist to allow space to one having independent views.what a ridiculous way to have double standards now to dosallow such a space to others! Would someone call my worthy batchmate Ms Kiran Bedi jealous person(but not a (jealot) when an experienced hand like her questions the foolishness of trivialising Governance/decentralised democracuy by having one-to-million approachof DARBAR,in a wholluy feudal style,and still call it a people-oriented approach? All our life we have been trying to create institutiona"ised mechanisms to see that things not only don't go wrong but even the "right" is done in an ongoing excellent way. A whole scheme of computer-compatible(now even mobile-technoly enabled)systems are evolving,and getting improved. Its a dedicated silent effort that is not done with overt street smartness and gets no media coverage. There is little shouting about high level professional work worth millions of man hours of intelligent hard work. Against the pitch dark backdrop of high profile corruption of last few years and irritating petty corruption(that happens tons of time)--for which variety of counter responses have emerged,and are emerging anew--that the evolution of new outfit with promises of freebies has emerged. I'm prepared,with all 43 years of my public service experience,and twenty years of scholarly research work to back me,to take on any one(I mean any one) wrt to "great governance systems" and response to "civilisational issues". There was a guy who asked for comassionate consideration and mercy,on account of having become an orphan after(wait now pl)having killed one's parents. Now no one needs to make foolish/outlandish announcements of freebies,without first getting appropriation of funds through Assembly(public approval as parlamentary/constitutional scheme of things) Several political outfits have manipulated numbers,through emotional appeals,and not through scientific/rational means. But long term governance(that means also constructive employment; creation of sustainable development in primary/secondary/tertiary sectors; constant improvement of infrastrucure; provision of public goods,and whole lot of Sovereign functions) is a different ball game altogether. Its not oversimplistic goody-goody hunky dory mediai savvy job. I've infact warned my friends in the new outfit against euphoria and misleading media-generated effervescence of public mood.Reality check could-and does-give sudden rude shock to even any well-meaning person/outfit. Just wait and watch,is the sane counnsel. SP Mathur IPS DGP(retd) Chennai BE MBA PhD Lead Ayditor ISO Certification,and research scholar in Knowledge Management area (918939860929)
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