Saturday, January 11, 2014

Re: [IAC#RG] Aam aadmi party's helpline to help whom ?

Not even one(yes,pl note one) in the political outfit has first hand brush with vigilance and anti-corruption work,much less a scholarly touch of the subject,but there being no law banning kite flying,everyone is feeling free to become judgemental,and regaling sermonising.What a pity! None to stop this horrendous tamasha.All are oblivious of organisational architecture(of anti-corruption wings),the question of processes,as also roles and responsibilities,the complex criminal justice system,the legal lacunae etc. The enormous amounts of efforts taken in designing and executing e-governance strategies to curb mass level petty corruption,theinnovtive strategies being constantly designed/tested for prevention/contol/combat high profile(as also collusive) corruption all go un noticed,as the systtem doesn't permit tom tommimg achievements,for gaing political mileage,which,in gact is so much more easier,and not the least difficult. Its the built-in perversion in the political system of the day that without even iota of experience/requisite qualifications,any TDH(Tom Dick and Harry),or even a criminal can aspire to acquire hallowed positions of power. A defective evolutionary process in political scenario(luckily not in professional/business world) is responsible for the dissastrous state-of-affairs,possibly globally,but in India surely/certainly. Not the right time/forum to pontificate on serious issues that are dealt with in awkwardly casual manner. Wish other members pick up the thread and come up with sensible suggestions. SP Mathur IPS DGP(retd) BE MBA PhD
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