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RE: [IAC#RG] PUBLIC GRIEAVANCE: Is Mr. Rajan the Governor of RBI or not ?

Dear Mr. S. Roy,
It is a very vast subject to comment upon. Financial inclusion concept has been in vogue for quite sometime and RBI is just an instrument to push this Agenda.
To hide the shortcomings and corruption of PDS they initiated the concept of Direct Tranfer benefit. This in turn needed covering the entire BPL population under banking regime.
To quicken this process now they are resorting to electronic banking and AADHAR as KYC.
Now to quicken it further this committee  under charirmanship of Nachiket Mor with 12 members and 2 observers was appointed by RBI after Dr. R. Rajan became Governor and the committe has fixed January,2016 as deadline to meet the target. The two members-Sikha Sharma of Axix Bank and SS Mundra of BOB has suggested it to be extended further on the ground of KYC.All these efforts certainly cn be termed as TEARING HURRY. It is same hurry that you now witness in UPA Govt. for the so called anti corruption  legislations to present itself as crusader against corruption before the 2014 polls. Rahul Gandhi who had critisised the innocous looking Lokpal Bill in Parliament is now the championing the cause of these legislations. 
You should definitely object to AADHAR being the sole proof of KYC needed for openig accounts.. Although the SC has ruled that it cannot be made compulsory, the Govt. is still going ahead full force to make it so,without naming it.
NN has assured that by end of 2015 more than 600 millions will be covered by AADHAR. This scheme is full of coruption in the process of enrolment. Even if one has no documentary proof of age, nationality regidence, one can get it on the recommendation of another who is enrolled under this scheme. Then there is no legislation back up for this scheme. The Govt. is blowing hot and cold on right of Privacy as it suits them. How are they collecting Biometirc data without consent and explaining to what kind of uses they can put it to.
You have termed Dr. Rajan as contractor- so is NN-isnt it.? Now they may be trying to get him elected from Bangalore south as report suggest.
Date: Fri, 10 Jan 2014 11:53:09 +0530
From: sroy.mb@gmail.com
To: indiaresists@lists.riseup.net
Subject: Re: [IAC#RG] PUBLIC GRIEAVANCE: Is Mr. Rajan the Governor of RBI or not ?

Dear IAC members

We should be pleased to know that as a result of IAC's intervention,
the RBI Dy. Governor has personally ensured that this despicable
anti-national Committee's report has been uploaded to RBI's website on
8.Jan.2014 and public has been given 2 weeks to object to it.

Here are the links to the report

IAC's members are strongly urged to read it and post their comments.
This report has been carefully sugar coated for aam aadmi fools who
cannot see the poison they want us to swallow. Luckily at IAC we are
not aam aadmis. So please send your reasoned analysis urgently so
we can all oppose these Mir Jafars..


On 1/5/14, Sarbajit Roy <sroy.mb@gmail.com> wrote:
> To
> Dr. K.C Chakrabarty
> Deputy Governor
> Reserve Bank of India
> 5-January 2014
> Respected Sir
> I am caused to address this email to you for the following reasons. Kindly
> note that this concerns deep corruption in your organisation, and which if
> not rectified promptly shall cause *India Against Corruption* to take its
> lis to the anti-corruption agencies, including the proposed LOKPAL
> 1) That on 12. August 2013, Mr. Vipin Malik (A former Central Board Member
> of RBI) exposed in the Pioneer newspaper that Mr. Raghuram Rajan an "Indian
> Origin American" is being appointed as Governor RBI on a "contractual
> basis". [
> http://www.dailypioneer.com/business/indian-origin-american-as-reserve-bank-governor.html]
> The said news report was never formally denied by the RBI.
> 2) That on 12.August 2013 the Indian Express reported that Mr. Murli
> Manohar Joshi had given a calling attention notice in Parliament on this
> "foreigner" issue. [
> http://www.indianexpress.com/news/raghuram-rajan-foreigner-homework-done/1154278/].
> The report stated "*He, however, holds an Indian passport and is learnt to
> have provided a copy of the same to the government for submission to the
> Speaker's office. The evidence of Rajan's nationality in hard copy will be
> handed over to Joshi to put the matter to rest.*"
> 3) That immediately upon taking over as RBI Governor on or about
> 4-Sept-2013 Mr. Rajan announced some initiatives /directions of RBI in his
> speeches which are self evidently calculated to weaken India's PSU Banking
> systems, its indigenous payment systems and to destroy India's economy to
> hand it over to foreigners. IAC has reason to believe that Mr. Rajan is
> doing this to oblige the persons who placed him in his present position.
> These decisions include mandating AADHAAR / UID for banking, using UID as a
> KYC identifier, allowing rapacious and under-regulated telecom and
> micro-finance vested interests into the banking space, encouraging DBT
> through these non-banking interests and so on. All these actions are being
> carried out in a tearing hurry by Mr Rajan before the Lok Sabha elections
> get completed. As these are mainly being rushed through in the garb of
> "financial inclusion" through the RPCD, the undersigned recalls all his
> previous correspondence with yourself concerning "financial inclusion" as
> evidence that you also appear to be part and parcel of this corruption.
> 4) That on 30.Sept.2013 and 9.Oct 2013 the undersigned corresponded with
> senior officers of the RBI to know, in RTI, the details of Mr. Rajan's
> nationality and his actions on FI such as UID. No reply was received.
> 5) That a few days back, the undersigned was shocked to learn that some
> cronies of Mr. Rajan had been appointed to a Financial Inclusion committee
> which was actually secretly mandated to propose a slew of anti-national,
> anti-banking proposals such as by the GSMA telecom interests which had been
> given a private invitation by the Committee's chairman Mr. Nachiketan Modi
> or suchlike. At the present moment IAC would not like to remind the nation
> about the fixers and touts which the GSM lobby is notorious for using, as
> this is sub-judice in the Supreme Court.
> 6) Accordingly on 3-Jan-2014, the undersigned sent a public email to senior
> officers of RBI asking for RBI's official RTI disclosure of Mr. Rajan's
> nationality (also in connection with an edited transcript of Mr Rajan's
> media briefings on RBI website) along with disclosure / publication of the
> Nachiketan Modi Committee's report which was to be submitted by 31.12.2013.
> 7) Instead of replying to the undersigned, the RBI / Ministry has today
> chosen to reply to IAC through the media in reference to a convoluted 4
> month old RTI request of one S.C.Agrawal to say that Mr. Rajan's
> nationality cannot be disclosed to the citizens. [
> http://economictimes.indiatimes.com/news/politics-and-nation/nationality-details-of-rbi-governor-cannot-be-given-cabinet-secretariat/articleshow/28434394.cms
> ]
> 8) This is clearly a preposterous proposition when the citizens are the
> nation's paymasters and Mr. Rajan is a public servant notwithstanding that
> he is hired on a contractual basis. In any case the information requested
> of Mr Rajan's passport copy has already been provided to Parliament, and
> hence cannot be denied thereafter to any citizen who desires to have the
> said information also.
> 9) Accordingly, India Against Corruption is formally calling upon you (as
> Mr. Rajan has serious conflict of interest and is also not an officer - but
> a contractee) to immediately publish with 48 hours on RBI's website a) an
> official statement on Mr Rajan's nationality b) the copy of the
> controversial Financial Inclusion report by the Nachiketan committee, so
> that IAC can pursue this suitably.
> Kindly acknowledge this email by return.
> Yours faithfully
> with best wishes
> Er. Sarbajit Roy
> National Convenor
> *India Against Corruption*, *jan anolan*
> B-59 Defence Colony
> New Delhi 110024
> On Fri, Jan 3, 2014 at 11:41 PM, Sarbajit Roy <sroy.mb@gmail.com> wrote:
>> To:
>> Shri U S Paliwal
>> Chief General Manager and CPIO
>> Reserve Bank of India
>> 03-Jan-2014
>> Sir
>> I refer to my RTI request (see below) to you and which is still not
>> formally replied.
>> It is clear to the India Against Corruption movement (IAC) that such
>> blatant disregard by public officers for the rights of the people of
>> Hindustan is to cover up that Shri Raghuram Rajan may be a foreign
>> national
>> who is misleading the people of Hindustan, and which is why RBI is unable
>> to formally certify in RTI to interested citizens knowing the truth about
>> Mr Rajan's nationality that Mr. Rajan has not held citizenship /
>> nationality of any other country and despite Mr. Raghuram Rajan holding
>> some closed door session for the post policy session with the media the
>> raw
>> data feed for which is at [
>> http://rbi.org.in/scripts/bs_viewcontent.aspx?Id=2751]
>> The IAC is thereby caused to suspect that Mr Raghuram Rajan has been
>> inducted into RBI solely to push a financial agenda dictated by overseas
>> interests to derail the Indian economy.
>> The IAC is shocked to learn that Mr. Raghuram Rajan on the instructions
>> of
>> carpet-bagger interests had constituted a 13 member committee, primarily
>> of
>> his cronies, to facilitate the backdoor entrance of telecom interests
>> into
>> the highly regulated banking and financial services space under the garb
>> of
>> "financial inclusion".
>> The IAC is shocked to learn that the Chairman of the Committee (who is
>> apparently Mr. Raghuram Rajan's batchmate) had issued a personal
>> invitation
>> to the GSM operators association to make a private presentation on
>> so-called "Mobile Money" and which presentation was made up by foreigners
>> and which is a blatantly anti-national document to compromise India's
>> economic and financial sovereignty which no true Hindustani shall
>> countenance.
>> There are several other instances of irregular appointment and
>> functioning
>> of this committee which IAC wishes to highlight to the Lokpal.
>> Accordingly, I therefore call upon you to do the following under Right to
>> Information immediately and *suo-moto* to fulfill the rights of people of
>> Hindustan.
>> A) To place a certified declaration / Public Notice / Press Release on
>> RBI's website containing the exact text of what Mr. Rajan supposedly said
>> to the media on that conference call concerning his nationality /
>> citizenship.
>> B) Publish the report of the 13 member financial inclusion committee
>> which
>> was due on 31.Dec.2013 immediately on the RBI's website so that people of
>> Hindustan may read it and do what they have to do.
>> This information request is made in larger public interest as RBI very
>> well knows that the undersigned and IAC are experts aggrieved by RBI's
>> skewed and corrupt financial inclusion policies, but were deliberately
>> not
>> personally invited to participate by this closed Committee of Mr. Rajan's
>> cronies who are out to facilitate the loot of India's financial resources
>> by foreigners.
>> Kindly acknowledge this email and do the needful.
>> with best wishes
>> Sarbajit Roy
>> National Convenor
>> India Against Corruption, jan andolan
>> On Wed, Oct 9, 2013 at 9:14 AM, Sarbajit Roy <sroy.mb@gmail.com> wrote:
>>> To:
>>> Shr U S Paliwal
>>> Chief General Manager and CPIO
>>> Reserve Bank of India
>>> Sir
>>> Kindly refer the following
>>> 1) My appended email sent to Ms. Alpana Indrajit Killawalla dt.
>>> 30.09.2013, to which no reply was received.
>>> 2) RBI's proactive RTI disclosure on "Directory of officers and
>>> employees"
>>> http://rbidocs.rbi.org.in/rdocs/content/docs/201103.xls
>>> last updated 8.March 2011 which still lists one D Subbarao as RBI
>>> Governor. (as I personally verified today)
>>> Accordingly, I am constrained to request specific proactive disclosure
>>> to me IMMEDIATELY in LARGER PUBLIC INTEREST as I have reason to
>>> suspect that Shri Raghuram Rajan (who is being projected as being the
>>> RBI Governor through Press Releases issued by Ms. Killawalla) is an
>>> impostor and a US national (as distinguished from US Citizen).
>>> 1) Digital copy of all Passports held by Mr. Raghuram Rajan in last 25
>>> years. (NB: such information has already been provided to
>>> Speaker/Members of Parliament when they raised issue of Dr Rajan's
>>> citizenship in Parliament. Mr Rajan is carrying out vital public
>>> activities and the RTI Act provides that information which is not
>>> denied to Parliament must also be disclosed to citizens.)
>>> http://www.indianexpress.com/news/raghuram-rajan-foreigner-homework-done/1154278/
>>> 2) Digital copy of all information with RBI pertaining to usage of
>>> UIDAI / AADHAR in banking sector.
>>> Kindly note that I require this information ASAP to apply for sanction
>>> of Central Government to prosecute Dr. Rajan, Dr. D Subbarao and all
>>> their cronies for issuing instructions to link AADHAR with bank
>>> accounts and requiring banks to purchase proprietary equipments and
>>> softwares (at huge cost and unnecessary cost) to process AADHARs.
>>> 3) Reasons why RBI's RTI disclosure is not updated to reflect Mr.
>>> Rajan as the RBI Governor.
>>> Er. Sarbajit Roy
>>> Hony.National Convenor
>>> India Against Corruption, jan andolan
>>> B-59 Defence Colony
>>> New Delhi 110024
>>> Tel : 09311448069
>>> www.indiaagainstcorruption.net.in
>>> On 9/30/13, Sarbajit Roy <sroy.mb@gmail.com> wrote:
>>> > To:
>>> > Mrs. Alpana Indrajit Killawalla
>>> > Reserve Bank of India
>>> >
>>> > Monday, 30-Sept-2013
>>> >
>>> > Dear Madam
>>> >
>>> > On behalf of the *Adi Dharm* religion, and thereby on behalf of about
>>> 6.47
>>> > million registered voters, I am greatly troubled to learn from the
>>> online
>>> > media like MoneyLife.in and IndiaNewsCo.com that Mr. Raghuram Rajan,
>>> > who
>>> > has still not been appointed as RBI Governor, has apparently started
>>> > issuing atrocious instructions (without any authority) to compulsorily
>>> > install bio-metric ATMs in Banks which shall result in my flock being
>>> > compulsorily fingerprinted and which so far we have refused to do on
>>> > religious grounds as conscientious objectors.
>>> >
>>> > FYI, as per the information today on RBI website, the RBI Governor is
>>> one
>>> > Dr. D Subbarao, who incidentally had steadfastly refused to make UIDAI
>>> > mandatory in banking sector (please see)
>>> > http://rbi.org.in/Scripts/righttoinfoact.aspx
>>> >
>>> > (ix)A directory of its officers and
>>> > employees<http://rbidocs.rbi.org.in/rdocs/content/docs/201103.xls>
>>> > linking to
>>> > http://rbidocs.rbi.org.in/rdocs/content/docs/201103.xls
>>> > (as downloaded today and attached for your ready reference and
>>> > records)
>>> >
>>> > We are also scandalised by the several other rumors circulating in
>>> Delhi's
>>> > power corridors of RBI's outrageous decisions to facilitate compulsory
>>> > fingerprinting given soon after Mr. Rajan entered RBI, and Mr Rajan is
>>> by
>>> > some accounts an American citizen, for promptly decreeing biometric
>>> > Bank
>>> > ATMs so some handpicked US based companies will be favoured in a
>>> > massive
>>> > purchase scandal running into about Rs. 36,000 crores and pursuant to
>>> which
>>> > Mr Rajan has allegedly been initially bribed about Euro 50,000 routed
>>> from
>>> > a German Bank under the garb of some fake award.
>>> >
>>> > In view of the aforesaid allegations and rumours which are greatly
>>> > troubling my co-religionists, I would request you to kindly clarify
>>> > the
>>> > correct position so that Adi Dharm Council can communicate the same to
>>> our
>>> > children. We would be obliged if the same can be done by return email
>>> to me
>>> > and by 6:00 PM on 5-Oct-2013 in any case, beyond which we are not
>>> > interested in knowing your answer.
>>> >
>>> > With best wishes
>>> >
>>> > Er. Sarbajit Roy
>>> > '*Upacharya*'
>>> > and Hony.National Convenor
>>> > India Against Corruption, *jan andolan*
>>> >
>>> > B-59 Defence Colony
>>> > New Delhi 110024
>>> >
>>> > Tel : 09311448069
>>> > www.indiaagainstcorruption.net.in

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