Sunday, January 12, 2014

Re: [IAC#RG] Aam aadmi party’s helpline to help whom ?

Dear Brig (Retd.) Saxena

Let me appreciate your frank outburst.
You clearly recognise the problems India faces, which is a start.

Now let me give you my equally frank analysis of why you are quite
frankly wrong. Corruption is NOT the problem India faces. It is simply
a convenient descriptor to conjure up images to agitate and misguide
the public.

1) What India faces now is a threat to its very nationhood, its
existence and our ancient way of life.

2) The forces which attack us are primarily (and broadly) the A)
US-led Judeo-Christians (NATO) B) The Chinese C) Forces of Islam
(Europeans, incl. Russians are traders and arms suppliers who sell to
all sides)

3) India forms the 4th (and weakest) limb of the axis. As you know, in
war, unless the weakling finds a powerful ally, he is gobbled up.
INDIA today has NO ALLIES from the 3 above. You are seeing how US is
gobbling up the Middle Eastern nations for their oil.

4) The first step in war is to make your enemy economically weak and
unable to sustain a long war. India is now past that stage. Our
economy is FUCKED and our banks have been so banged up by crony
capitalists that there is nothing left in their coffers Indians are
not fools, which is why demand for gold continues unabated. The
currency of the future is OIL and ENERGY. - We don't have it. The war
being fought today is primarily an economic one - and we are losing
very badly. We are losing because we are now a nation of consumers to
buy imported goods on CREDIT. Our resources (like iron ore) are being
sold off at dirt cheap prices to foreigners to process and sell back
to us at 20 times the price. Our value to US is only as a client state
- once we can't pay we will be destroyed.

5) Our nation's manufacturing capability has been driven into the
ground You know very well that the Indian Army cannot fight a war with
China today Admit it and lets not divert this discussion into

6) You are needlessly talking about poor people, lack of sanitation,
education etc. I disagree that I am in any way responsible for this.
Please don't make allegations you cannot prove and which are frankly
untrue. We know very well who is responsible for this - lets call a
spade a spade - BIMARU states in which HINDUS breed like rabbits and
go and pollute other less densely populated States of India by their
very presence. You know very well that these bloody populist schemes
like MNREGA which are drafted in USA by CIA are only to make rural
Indians so lazy in a welfare state that they are not prepared to work.
You know very well that quality of raw recruits into Indian Army is at
its worst since this fucking MNREGA started and is causing population
in BIMARU states to grow at 5 times the national average. You know
very well how the Russians deal with such problems, but Indian Army is
too squeamish unlike the Russians (or Chinese).

Now about AAP

If you say want 10 crore people to join AAP, what you actually mean is
that AAP should get 100 crores by way of membership fees. (More fool

Arvind Kejriwal is a creature and creation of the foreign financed
Congress + BJP axis - everything he does is scripted from abroad.
They are masters of double-speak - on the one hand AAP rails in public
about Mukesh Ambani and Reliance - but the people who know them the
best - ie. judges of Supreme Court - have passed scathing orders
saying that this gang are "stool pigeons" of Reliance. [Judgement
dated 5 November 2013] Please find it a read it. The same gang
incidentally provided legal aid to Gen V.K.Singh and fought his case
in Supreme Court (and of course VKS lost).

Please understand this very clearly, ---> a) IAC is not AAP. 2) IAC
does not make false promises or offer false hope. 3) IAC does not give
a rats arse about poor people and their problems - that is for the
so-called "Aam Aadmi" party, IAC stands for INDIA - ie. "REPUBLIC of
HINDUSTAN" - so henceforth lets talk about this if you are a patriot
of Hindustan.


On 1/11/14, vijay saxena <> wrote:
> Most of us in India are only talkers counselors or commentators. Here is one
> man, Arvind Kejriwal, who has the guts, drive,will and courage to take on
> the entire political system, at one go, and has been able to show to the
> entire nation that it is possible. I fail to understand as to why everyone
> has got after his blood with imaginary ghosts. Give him some time, say at
> least a year before writing his report card. I am amazed at some of the
> reporters saying that " its been 7 days and people are not getting the
> promised water". How absurd is this statement.When we see some light of
> hope, truthfulness, propriety, lets all, for Gods sake, join in and give him
> a boost, encouragement and full support. I request all well meaning ,
> educated Indians to join in this movement. He is targeting 1 crore members,
> lets give him 10 crore members, by 26 January. At least I am working towards
> and giving it my best shot.When else will we stand up for the country, that
> we have ruined in just 64 years.Why else are our people uneducated, poor,
> undernourished, without shelter, potable water, basic civic amenities and
> the state that they are in.You and I are all totally responsible and party
> to this mismanagement.This is a very frank outburst from my heart.

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