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Re: [IAC#RG] PUBLIC NOTICE: Fake "India Against Corruption" 'volunteers'

ROFL .... LOL .... You just said Anna was never part of IAC and IAC doesn't demands or supports any demand of any anti-corruption law.

What happened to your earlier story, where Sarabjit said that Anna is now no more part of IAC.

And that story were Sarabjit said that Arvind Kejriwal took IAC "brand name" for the movement and was given the "brand name" because the demand was a noble cause and IAC stood for it.

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On Thu, Jan 30, 2014 at 4:21 PM, IAC INFO <> wrote:
PUBLIC NOTICE: The rogues ride again.

The Public at Large and the media are hereby cautioned against some renegade / expelled persons from "Aam Aadmi Party" who are now attempting to encash the goodwill and good name earned by India Against Corruption ("IAC") over half a century of independent existence and as part of extended Hindustan Republican Army movement.which won freedom for India over nearly a century from 1924.

The public is specifically cautioned against supporting or aiding in any way these rootless and frivolous persons who are describing themselves a IAC volunteers, but who are actually discredited Trojan horses and Agents of corrupt political parties who sought refuge in  AAP.

Merely waving the national tricolour / flag does not make anybody an IAC member. Any civilian waving the tricolor except on certain national holidays cannot be an IAC member or IAC volunteer in terms of our charter and manifesto.

The membership of India Against Corruption organisation is strictly limited and by invitation only as it is an apolitical body. 

It is again clarified that Mr. Anna Hazare is not any kind of member of India Against Corruption, nor was he ever a part of IAC

It is also reiterated that IAC does not support or demand Lokpal Bill or Jan Lokpal Bill or any kind of Lokpal Bill, nor does IAC believe in satyagraha, fasting , anshan etc. as methods to achieve our objectives.


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India Against Corruption

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