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RE: [IAC#RG] Aam aadmi party's helpline to help whom ?

Aam aadmi party helpline is to make a film on sabse baraa investigator kaun......??

Hope they do more and talk less

On 11 Jan 2014 13:00, "M.N.Seshadri" <> wrote:

While what has been suggested is laudable, the point is, that is for the first time a political party is attempting to deal with rampant corruption ALL OVER INDIA. We read in the news papers almost daily that an RTO was trapped, Money unaccounted confiscated at the offices of Sub Registrars dealing with registration of real estate changing hands and so on..  This a daily occurrence .

Has any of us bothered to find out  " What happened Next " We can effectively control corruption very quickly and with ease if we insist on quick follow up action which should be transparent. Almost all such cases are pending in courts  the culprit , in the mean time is back in his job after getting bail !! And he continues getting the bribe !! The vigilance guys and the prosecutor also are  loaded with black money !! One of  my very good friends tells me that this practice of taking MAMOOLS  has been there from time immemorial!! A village officer who is a custodian of land records and who used to be paid around 15 Rs a month, ( during the Br. Raj )   and this post is normally held in the family used to be allowed to take BAKSHIS for his prompt help of giving the info, copies of document and even advice regarding the transaction and so on. This was acceptable to all.  I have personal experience of this in my village. But after we got our own people ( As against the British )ruling us  as expected  all  record keepers were given permanent jobs with PF and parity in pay, perks and allowances , but continued to demand BAKSHIS  depending upon the value of the real estate ! I am told that the Sub Registrars  demand a percentage of the real estate deal . If a deal is around 10 crores as per official record ( the actual deal including Black money could be any where near almost 20 crores!! ) the bribe money could be anywhere near 10 Lakhs  all in currency notes in high denomination. This  expenditure is included by the lawyer assisting the transaction under the head "under table Money " and accepted as a matter of course. So all these bribe takers are loaded with black money , become rather rich  and their bulk of the income kept in black or as is happening today goes back to our Govt, via TASMAC !!!

One very well informed friend of mine told me that all these vigilance guys as well the police assisting them to trap  bribe takers also become rich as they , after some time negotiate with the accused for dropping cases !!!  So the issue is very complex.  Needs very careful examination for changing. AAP cannot overnight claim to eliminate this kind of activities without the help of CENTRAL GOVT. The menace of black money is the main cause for INFLATION and CORRUPTION.  If an official is loaded with lots of black ,money he would not hesitate to pay even  double or treble the prevailing rate for any essential commodity, and  if a vendor gets such a price even from one man he  will try and push up the price .

There is no point in asking people to call the help line and plan a sting operation. Sting operation will have to go through legal process . The first day AAP got 4000 calls . How can any Govt.  handle such a situation ? This is certainly not the ideal way . Khejriwal  needs to learn quickly. Even though as on date he is the CM of Delhi, he should continue to be an ACTIVIST and insist on eliminating the black money at every stage at all levels.  Cash transactions should be completely eliminated. As a start  withdraw all  500 and 1000 Rs. Notes with our private citizens  and give them a receipt.  If the source is not satisfactorily  explained well he will not only lose the money but is also liable to prosecuted.  Such cases should be dealt with most promptly and with great speed.  Special courts ( even mobile on the roads ) should be formed. All these cases should be tried in  the open just the way we in the Army holds Summary trials.

The poor common man is not likely to be affected one bit if high denomination notes are withdrawn . ( FOR EVER )

All those who sell goods even on push carts should be trained handle checks and cards. If we can give a machine to the bus conductors why not to these vendors.  With Adhar cards getting popular cash handling should be brought down to minimum .

We will see our money value going up to Rs 4 a dollar !!! 

I would request those who receive this long mail reach it to Khejriwal, Anna, Chidamabaram , Modi and Rahul.  I am 87 , cannot handle face book etc!!Thanks  Seshadri




India Against corruption


                                  Aam aadmi party's helpline to help whom ?

Aam aadmi party's move  to open anti corruption helpline and its  claim that 4000 calls in 7  hours have been received  , may not help in curbing corruption effectively but will certainly help aam aadmi party in getting media


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Subject: [IAC#RG] Aam aadmi party's helpline to help whom ?



India Against corruption


                                  Aam aadmi party's helpline to help whom ?

Aam aadmi party's move  to open anti corruption helpline and its  claim that 4000 calls in 7  hours have been received  , may not help in curbing corruption effectively but will certainly help aam aadmi party in getting media glare, which it seems to want desperately.

This AAP's helpline is nothing new , as vigilance departments are functioning in all government departments and public sector undertakings  already and they  are meant  to receive complaints of corruption, investigate them and take action if the complaints are justified.  People are entitled to send complaints to the vigilance department already and  several NGOs already publicise the corruption dealings in newspapers and journals and in social media.  What is it that AAP's helpline will achieve more than these existing arrangement ?

AAP receiving 4000 calls in seven hours  is not a big achievement but solving the corruption issues received through these calls will be an achievement. These 4000 calls may become 40000 calls in one week and 4 lakh calls in one month. Is AAP government capable of handling these calls and catching the corrupt people in reasonable time ? The fact is that there are already many corruption allegations with the vigilance departments remaining unsolved. Why not AAP government look into these first ?

When complaints are received in AAP's helpline, it has to investigate only through the existing vigilance departments.  What is needed is to strengthen these vigilance departments and make them more active and honest which can be done by  efficient and honest ministers over a period of time.

By  making tall claims about AAP's helpline, the inexperienced leaders of AAP are giving an impression as if they are going to solve the corruption issue over night.  This would not only be a misleading claim but would  cause huge disappointment amongst people who take AAP's claim at face value.



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