Sunday, January 12, 2014


ntly, AIDMK announced that Jaya Lalitha  is a good candidate for the job of as Prime Minister. This uncivilized, Uncultured and and anti-national criminal politicians should be cornered and contained by Hindus.  


India is a country where any one can aspire to be PM. They probably feel that easiest job in India is to be PM which does not  have any requirement for the job to lead, administer, and defend a great country.  Jaya  lalitha and her cohorts think the she is qualified to assume the Prime  Minister JOB in New Delhi. She may be thinking that if the country allows an uneducated catholic lady to assume the leadership of the anti-National party, why Jai Lalitha could not be the PM?

It is just like an American Clinical Psychologist  samenow has  coined the term "Criminal Thinking Errors". Most of us  have experienced "THINKING ERRORS" in life, but have not acted on them, or if we have, we eventually realized our mistakes and adjusted our thinking and behavior. Indian corrupt and criminal politicians want to join with our enemy and want to destroy our sacred culture, spiritual religion and the nation.

However, rather than adjust her  or his thinking thing errors and anti-social, deviant and self-destructive behaviors,  India's  criminal and corrupt politicians often goes further into criminal thinking errors to avoid responsibility and accountability for their destructive behaviors. Tamil Tigers,Maoist violence, Jihadi terrorism, same sex marriage, corcive religious conversion, inflation,loss of jobs, corruption loss of one's freedom, are the results of unquestioned THINKING ERRORS and subsequent anti-social, destructive deviant behaviors of our stupid, corrupt, anti-national political leader. I wonder, why Hindus are electing and retaining such corrupt political leaders to rule us?

 Hindus have been under torture, oppression, subjugation, discrimination, brainwashing, indoctrination for thousands of years by Muslims and European Christians.  They have produced ant Hindu, anti national political leaders through out India. For example Mayavathy and Mulayam Singh Yadav of UP. lalu Prasad Yadav and Nitish Kumar of Bihar Jaya Lalitha  and Karunanidhi  of Tamil Nadu, Kejariwal of Delhi,  K.M.Mani of Kerala.  The enemy list is not exhaustive.  I could name several others hiding India as our  enemy agents. These scoundrels, vagabonds, and criminals are ready and willing to cooperate with our enemies to work as agents for a bowl of chicken  soup. s They are lavishly praised by our enemies and our enemy media,

Tamil Nadu government headed by Jaya Lalitha  has agreed to distribute condoms in High schools. Use of condom will enable teen age girls and boys to engage in premarital  sex, and increase our lesbianism, h0mo sexual acts, sodmomy, and same sex marriage. Our  politicians went on to say that  we are are for freedom for teengaers. Another criminal thinking error.

Hindus have been standing as a giant elephant on our enemies march against us. They know how to remove the  big elephant standing on their way. Tamil Tigers, Violent Maoists, Jihadi terrorism, Coercive religious conversion, Teen age sex before they are ready for marriage are part of our enemies cunning strategies to destroy our culture and country.

 Foe our efforts to be effective, it is not enough that we identify criminal thinking errors and deviant acts of our criminal politicians. Every thinking errors of our corrupt politicians and goons must be identified and understood. Elect MODI  as our next Prime MINISTER . He is the only personality we have at this time   with a mission and vision. Other criminal and corrupt political leaders think of ways to overcome getting caught and focuses on developing further  strategies to manipulate, mentally  misdirect and misguide us to do bizarre and anti-national acts. They can be easily lured into doing deviant works  as agents of our enemies. They create social,  political, economic problems for us. They are agent provocateurs to destroy our higher thinking, spiritual culture and the great nation

All it needs support of vested interests who can divide the voters and bribe by cash or promises or inculcate fear to get the winning edge.

Babu Suseelan

On Sunday, 12 January 2014, 10:01, S. Kalyanaraman <> wrote:

A matter of honour says Mulayam Singh Yadav.

That brings together an impressive tally of aspirants who want to become PM after Manmohan reportedly resigns in a few days in response to a likely SC obiter dicta on Coalgate.

The list:

Narendra Modi
Rahul Gandhi
Sharad Pawar
Arvind Kejriwal
Kumar Vishwas
Mulayam Singh Yadav
J. Jayalalithaa

I am politically naive. Name of Sharad Pawar may be only as interim PM before the polls announcing the disbanding of SoniaG Congress.

I am sure more names will be added to the list by poll pundits and columnists who crystal-gaze -- pontificating with their advice and guidance on governing a state.

I exclude the candidates preferred by Uncle Sam, the likes of Nilekani or Ahluwalia or even Raghuram Rajan as list of caretakers of US interests everywhere, certainly India. Any insights from Ford Foundation? 

What will Pranab Babu's take be on all this?


S. Kalyanaraman

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