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Re: [IAC#RG] FW: Khejrival

Dear sir with all respect to u I like to say that your opinion about Aap and  kejriwal is wrong. I agree observation on BJP and congress. U r wrong by equating this trend just like pre independent. Kejriwal is an arrogant and self centered person and don't agree this now time will tell you.
his closse associate and party ideloge mr yogandra Yadav and prashant bhooshan seems to be having outdated mindset most probably imported from erstwhile USSR. Here ends their all vision and principal. Very brilliant and honest idelogues went to kejriwal to convince him about the problem in the outdated system. They were insulted and ignored by Yadav and company by saying that they are having  best policies and ideas and not required any expert opinion.
the vision started implementing in delhi.delhi public now started realizing their mistake after seeing that electricity cases registered against powerful and close associate of political leaders., Who were cought for conducting industries in their basements by stealing power and also using domestic connection for commercial  use, withdrawn by AAP ministry.
In delhi after privatization of power poor people stealing power was almost stopped and only power full ,who never care about law ,continued their act

Next contract labour

politicians used to appoint people on contract basis after collecting bribe by - by passing appointment procedure. Through out the country this was the practice and respective govt used to regularise them. Think the fate of ordinary people who are not able to pay bribe.seeing this back door appointment  rampant all over the country supreme court banned all such regularisation.

AAP now going to regularise all such temporary hands in delhi u can verify news reports.the answer to this illegal step is that they are trying to win the confidence of all such employees through out india as after supreme court order various state govts stopped regularisation and thus lakhs Of such people are in frustration. A rough calculations from AAP says some what 25 lakhs vote benefit by such move.

And now you answer whether poor need any kind of freebies or an oppeetunity to earn their livelihood ? Whether any government is entitled to extort money from tax payer and spend it for freebies with an intention to win votes.
Sir if you respect and regard to truth then you will realise that all govt including AAP are dishonest and should be condemned.
If God himself insist to support AAP still I will disobey it even though I will be put into worst hell so forget about medha or any other journalists.
I will stand by truth and nothing but truth.

On Jan 15, 2014 11:14 AM, "M.N.Seshadri" <manavasi.seshadri@gmail.com> wrote:

My dear Ramachandran,

You appear to jump to conclusions  too soon . AAP has been in office just days.   Congress has been in power for close to 60 years and BJP for a few years !!

AAP  WAVE is visible. Have you ever seen Indians  like me and IT professionals, people like Gopinath,  a TV journalist at his peak of fame, Medha , and many others all over India  wanting to join a political party !!  This used to happen in between 1920 and 1946  when Congress appealed to all Indians ( Jinnah was part of this movement ) to join the party . My mother gave me 4 annas when I was 9  to pay the party for becoming a member !! 9 She was a young  south Indian Brahmin widow  with shaven head .   Well AAP is attracting all . Pl. FACE FACTS.   Suggest that you also try and convince BEDI not to be foolish !! Gen VK Singh should also support AAP and Anna should bless him.

You say AAP is proxy for Congress.  Why do you say this ?  Is Kumar Biswas defying Khejriwal to day when he has vowed to defeat Rahul in Amethi .

Khejri had the guts to reverse the decision to allow FDI in retail .

 Do you expect him to send Sheila to jail within 10 days of becoming the CM. Don't you know that SD would have been clever enough to destroy all evidences of corruption ( if at all she was actually corrupt )  ? come on Man . Think before you start writing all kinds of nonsense .

However I know that you are fond of MODI . I am equally fond of him.   The congress is in bad shape.  Even if 10 Khejriwals appear on the scene to prop up congress covertly  that kind of attempt will end up in dismal failure. I wonder  whether even Sonia's JESUS can save her or her party.  Enough damage has been done  and just by passing a bit diluted LOKPAL Bill of by hurriedly passing three or more Anticorruption bills without bothering to enforce the law  will only result in the party more votes !!

Now you want MODI to be the next CM . Ok well done . I also like him .  But I do not like as many as 50 very senior members of BJP like Yeddy, and Gadkari and that  guy who took a huge bundle of notes from Thelka !! . Pl advise MODI , Rajnath, The very intelligent Arun Jaitely  , Yeshwant Sinha , Even Advani who are all CLEAN to act jointly to EXPEL to day itself all those who are criminals and even suspected of some dishonest act  in the past. Having done that approach AAP to te declare that BJP fully endorces  the views , the manifesto and even the very idea of AAP and tell  Khejriwal that Modi will be willing to serve under the PM khejriwal if required. Khejriwalwill say . " Sir your record in Gujarat suggest that you should steer this country for the next 5 years and AAP has enough youngsters to take over after  5 years !!

For you Mr. Ramachandran it will be a win win situation .Also for the BHARAT MATA !!  So get busy and do something positive for your country. 

Please pass on my suggestion to all your friends and well wishers for the sake of India .  AAPBJP combine should not talk about caste, religion , language, regions , Incuding Ksahmir and NE , All these will be sorted out after MODI becomes the PM with the help of AAP !!   Congress is trying hard to help Khejriwal hoping to neutralize MODI .not allow them to succeed .

Just for a sample of the behavior of  congress. Manish Tewari condemns RK  Singh for exposing Shinde !! Within A YEAR OF THE INCIDENT !! But MT says that having been his secretary  how can he NOW say all these things against Shinde.   But Congeress tried damn hard to support Sanjiv Bhat ( they even financed the election of his wife )a police officer who was serving MODI and who apparently carried out all orders , but suddenly woke up after 8 long years to declare MODI was the biggest villain . !!! So Ramachandran . Get busy !!   Seshadri

 Ramachandran Vizhakat [mailto:rvizhakat@gmail.com]
Sent: Tuesday, January 14, 2014 1:20 PM
To: Military Veterans
Subject: Fwd: Khejrival



We cannot trust Congress. They take pleasure by making other Govt in chaos there by to prove they are better. In Maharastra they given long rope to Raj Thackeray MNS leader to split NDA vote and to capture 12 Lokasabha seats. In Kerala, J&K, and Andra they take support from communal Muslim league parties. Same the situation in North east. Their home minister and others often make communal appeasement statements.


Their support to AAP is only to prevent formation of a good and stable Government under Modi. They knows that once Modi rules for 5 years people will forget them. Therefore  AAP is acting like B team. Where is the investigation against Sheela Dikshit.


Kejriwal is full of contradictions. Even if he is good first let him prove his worth before even thinking of in national level. Any well meaning and impartial person like Kiren Bedi understand that nation cannot progress with populist measures and speaking from roof tops. Yes free ration, water and electricity can fetch votes at the cost of Capital investment, Infrastructure and development. Then future generation will curse us.


Media is the most corrupt with Strong Congress affiliation. Few years back Rahul used to be their Icon. Used say to BJP( a party whose leader used to sell tea in train and mother used to work in neighbours house) learn some thing Rahuls drama like travelling in local train, carrying a bag of Mud and spending a night with a Dalit. Have we seen media talking about Goa CM travelling in scooter or taking Taxi or the simple leaving of MP and Chathisgarh CMs.


Yes Kejriwal can get rid of security for some time. But Modi cannot avoid it anti nationalist and international terrorist are after him.


CM not require a big Bungalow but need adequately big house to perform well.


Let us hold nation first and not get carried away with media hiccup. We need a tested leader and not Novice.


Col Ramachandran










pls read below all facts about AAP and then decide if you want to be patriots or traitors:


1. AAP never spoke against Sonia Gandhi. Not sure why !! IAC website confirms Sonia Gandhi had written letter to PM and FM in 2004 saying Kejriwal should NOT be transferred out of Delhi. Why was this favor sought??


2. Yogendra Yadav, Senior most AAP leader after AK was Political planning adviser for Rahul Gandhi for years and latest until 2011.


3. Arvind Kejriwal was never transferred outside Delhi while in Service as Joint Commissioner of Income Tax ….why? Only corrupt officers can stay without transfer for such long period....Honest offices don't even get posted in big cities in first place!!


4. There are reports of CRORES of donations Prashant Bhushan & party has received from FORD FOUNDATION. Ford foundation is the infamous American CIA backed organization which is well known for creating POLITICAL INSTABILITY and CHAOS in most of the countries like Egypt, Iraq, Nepal, Cuba etc... What is the business Prashant Bhushan doing with them? Read yourself….. http://ariseasia.blogspot.com/.../ford-foundation-hivos...


 5. KAMAL FAROOQI who supported TERRORIST YASIN BHATKAL and was sacked by SP for that has joined AAP to become national vice president.


 6. Arvind Kejriwal went and tried to get support from a fatwa wala mulla who wanted to kill Taslima Nusrin. How is it related with anti-corruption ? Is not MINORITY APPEASEMENT POLITICS?


7. Prashant bhushan as senior APP leader had said "Kasmir should be given to Pakistan". He was beaten in public for that. See you tube. Prashant Bhushan Beaten Up Inside SC Chamber Over Kashmir Remark . And remember his recent remarks about Kashimir referendum also….


 8. AAP has received CRORES of rupees from FORD FUNDATION which is well known CIA sponsored org for destabilizing foreign politics for western benefits.


 9. EVERYONE KNOWS 99% INDIAN TV and PRINT MEDIA is CONGRESS OWNED . Still Why are they sponsoring AAP 24x7? Use common sense. They want to create an image for AAP so that power can be given to the same congress family's hands indirectly. A large portion of these Medias gets benefits from the corrupted congress party and Anti-national elements, so they don't want Narendra Modi & BJP in power…..



10. In the midnight, Arvind goes with an SP MLA to talk to the dissident AAP MLA!!!! That was when the MLA told he is about to reveal some secrets about AAP & Khejriwal. What was the secrets? Was it not about the sinful contract AAP has taken from ANTI-NATIONAL EXTERNAL POWERS & CORRUPTED CONGRESS PARTY to create INSTABILITY and DIS-INTEGRATE India? READ THIS …> http://ariseasia.blogspot.com/.../ford-foundation-hivos...


11. AAP make false and big statement and then deviate from that. Major statement from Arvind are "I swear on my children that I won't go with Congress", We will not give support to anyone and we will not take support from anyone." Watch yourself on youtube … Exposed : Arvind Kejriwal - " I Swear On My Children " . In another occasion he said "I am an AAM Admi and will never become CM".


12. AAP went to Kudankulam power plant and protested against it. How was it related with CORRUPTION? and Anti- development ? Rather protesting there was against development. Pure Vote bank politics..!!! They only thinks about how to grow the party. They are not bothered about the Nation's future…!!!! No.1 cheater & frauds!!!! Use your brain…


13. Recent days, there is a huge flow of all the Anti-NATIONAL ELEMENTS to AAP…why??? Also remember the recent reports from PAKISTAN that the local TERRORIST GROUPS are busy in collecting funds for AAP… Also see http://www.dailypioneer.com/.../aap-accepts-funds-from...


14. Why Social media has fake paid AAP comments on each article? Paid AAP traitors blogging.


15. Today the Pakistani online forums are campaigning for donations for AAP. See http://covertwires.com/.../islamists-in-pakistan-launch.../ The posts show a screenshot of the donation process by a man who works for Gulf Pakistan as seen from the screenshot, but a resident of India, has donated his two months' salary for AAP. Qayyum (probably, his named is blurry), a 47 years old Indian, who loves to call himself Endian has donated INR 45,000 to AAP and taken the screenshots of form filling and then the payment process and then receiving the Transaction ID, inspires all the Pakistanis to donate at least INR 100 to AAP. And why does he sacrifice his two months' salary to AAP? You can see his message at the remark box, مجھے یکین ہے کی آپ لوگ ہندوستان مے اسلامی ھقمت قیام کروگے It means, "Mujhe Yakeen Hai Aaplog India Me Islami Huqumat Qayam Karogey (I am sure you guys will establish Islamic rule in India). The man has described this situation as a historical turning point and Kejriwal as the Neo-Jaychand who will initiate the second phase of Islamization of India, and asked to assist him in his assistance to Islamists.



16. BEFORE ELECTION: "Bacchon ki kasam, Na samarthan denge aur na to samarthan lenge. " AFTER ELECTION: Forms Goverment taking support of most CORRUPTED CONGRESS!!!! Exposed : Arvind Kejriwal - " I Swear On My Children "



17. BEFORE ELECTION: Promises Free water and Electricity price reduction. People think this brilliant engineer will find great way to reduce prices… AFTER ELECTION: Like any uneducated politician Kejriwal also takes Tax payer's money and gives FREEBIES that too only for 3 months...WHY ONLY till 2014 LOK SABHA elections? Is it not another form of CORRUPTION? ThinkYourself!!!! Don't get fooled by the gimmicks!!!!


18. BEFORE ELECTION: Within 7 days of coming to power we will file CORRUPTION cases against SHEILA DIXIT. We have 390 pages of proofs… AFTER ELECTION: When asked, Kejriwal replies "Give me proof and I will immediately prosecute"…Not even one protest against CONGRESS on HIMACHAL and ADARSH scams.



19. BEFORE ELECTION: Elected AAP representatives will not use official houses but work from their own homes. AFTER ELECTION: Withdraws intention to move into posh 10 bedroom penthouse after media and public trash. Looking for smaller house but will still take govt house.


 20. BEFORE ELECTION: AAP will not use official vehicles AFTER ELECTION:AAP politicians using govt new Toyota Innovas .



21. Watch what this Auto driver has to say… Atleast have that much common sense!!! Waseem Khan wants Narendra Modi as PM - know why! NATIONALIST INDIANS, Please use your COMMON SENSE…AAP is just Congress formed B team(Vote Cutter) to divide anti-Congress votes and stop Narendra Modi since Congress knows no one is going to vote them after all those SCAMS even if they distribute money and freebees...


We DON'T WANT OUR DEAR MOTHERLAND GETS SPOILED AGAIN BY THESE ANTINATIONAL TRAITORS!!! IF YOU SUPPORT THESE AAP, You are going to return power to the same CONGRESS PARTY who ruined the country for so many years…PLEASE DON'T REPEAT THE MISTAKE OF 2004... You next generation will curse you for ruining the country!!


The Congress + the pro-communist +anti Hindu media ...in India,finds different cunning tricks..to bring back the same congress to power..whenever they have a threat of losing power.




Congress rule=is also communist+islamists rule.













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