Saturday, January 4, 2014

Re: [IAC#RG] Fwd: AAP Spreading Wings in Gujarat

So AAP is keen on power not cleaning as claimed.Polititions of all
hues are welcome as long as they accept Kejriwal as leader!
On 1/4/14, Mohan Kamath <> wrote:
> Maftlal Patel joining AAP will only effect the credentials of AAP and not
> the BJP. Because he is a digruntled/estranged husband of Anandiben. He
> never wanted his wife to join politics and he is jealous of her rising in
> politics .We should encourage women to enter into politics which will help
> the nation in long run. Kanubhai Kalsaria defienitely have some base. But
> he also miserably failed in his politics because of his vested interest. He
> is one of the leaders blocking the development and investments. His
> environment concerns and farmers cause is good, but there should be some
> via media which can help the aam admi who will be benefitted from
> employment generation of the locals which will help them to increae their
> purchasing power. We should not encourage leaders who oppose each and every
> policy on the basis of some personal vengeance.
> On Fri, Jan 3, 2014 at 11:27 PM, Sukla Sen <> wrote:
>> I/II.
>> AAP makes inroads into Narendra Modi's fortress, former BJP MLA Kanubhai
>> Kalsaria joins Kejriwal
>> Bhaskar News | Jan 02, 2014, 09:48AM IST
>> *Ahmedabad:* AAP <> has
>> managed to attract an important leader Kanubhai Kalsari who joined the
>> party on Wednesday, causing a commotion in Gujarat BJP. Kanubhai Kalsari
>> is
>> an activist and former BJP MLA from Mahuva in Gujarat.
>> Kalsaria told media "I had been searching day and night for an option and
>> there was no powerful alternative available (in politics) till recently.
>> I
>> was very much with the Congress and was in touch with the party right
>> upto
>> Rahulji. But I didn't officially join the Congress. Meanwhile, AAP
>> succeeded in Delhi and I thought that this is a party and strategy that
>> suits what I do and my personality. My method of working in politics is
>> very much suitable with AAP, hence I joined it officially today,"
>> Kalsaria,
>> who had so far been supporting the Congress unofficially, said here.
>> Kalsaria has been leading agitations in favour of farmers in regions and
>> issues like the Mandal SIR, Nirma's cement plant in Mahuva (Bhavnagar),
>> the
>> Dholera SIR and the nuclear power plant in Mithivirdi, among others,
>> added
>> that his move to join AAP also found support among his fellow agitating
>> farmers across the state.
>> II.
>> Gujarat revenue minister Anandiben's husband to join AAPTNN | Jan 3,
>> 2014, 01.12 AM IST
>> [image: Gujarat revenue minister Anandiben's husband to join AAP]
>> Mafatlal and Anandiben Patel have been living separately for more than
>> 20 years now. He even wrote several letters to Vajpayee and Advani
>> against
>> Modi's growing influence over his wife.
>> GANDHINAGAR: Mafatlal
>> Patel<>,
>> the estranged husband of Anandiben
>> Patel<>,
>> a senior minister who is a hot favourite to succeed Narendra Modi if he
>> were to become Prime Minister, is set to join the Aam Aadmi Party
>> shortly.
>> He met senior AAP <>
>> functionaries
>> and expressed his willingness to join the party along with some
>> academicians and intellectuals "in order to fight Modi's corruption". He
>> told TOI AAP was the right platform to fight against Modi. A former
>> college
>> principal, Patel indicated that he would join AAP early next week. He
>> said
>> he was here not to contest elections but to fight for clean politics. He
>> said he was in talks with a large group of friends who had been
>> impresssed
>> with AAP's emergence.
>> Patel (77), a Gandhian popularly known as Mafatbhai, had married
>> Anandiben
>> some 50 years ago but they have been living separately for about 20 years
>> now. The differences started in 1985 when his wife, then a school
>> principal, was roped into BJP by Modi. He wrote several letters to Atal
>> Bihari Vajpayee and L K Advani to complain against Modi's growing
>> influence
>> over his wife. He even campaigned against Anandiben in previous assembly
>> elections.
>> Two years back, he tried to embarass the chief minister by writing a
>> sarcastic letter, requesting him to prevail upon Anandiben to lend him $
>> 1000 to buy a ticket to visit the US. Modi never responded though and
>> Mafatlal's fresh political moves would only be a source of more
>> embarassment for the chief minister and his likely successor.
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