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Re: [IAC#RG] FW: Khejrival

Dear Papaji

As many members have said, it is God's blessings showered upon you
that we can benefit from your long experience and wisdom.

As I am one of the persons in this group who has known Arvind and his
team(s) (many of whom have regularly fallen out with him and left him)
over the years let me explain some things so that IAC subscribers are
not deceived or confused because we allow non-members to post on our

1) Arvind Kejriwal comes from relatively well off "bania" family -
his father is an engineer well employed and his grandfather "Bansal"
owned much land and oil mills. He got into IIT Kharagpur (in West
Bengal) for Mechanical Engg and after leading a dissolute student life
there (drinking etc and otherwise wasting his father's money as
conformed by the Magsaysay Foundation "For the first time he drank
beer—and had pangs of conscience (his conservative family did not
touch alcohol). It was some time before he had another drink, but when
he graduated he could drink with the best of them"). This proves he
was corrupt even as a student. Here is the link.

NB: The primary reference for this biography is "Central Intelligence
Agency. "The World Fact Book: India." updated July 2007.
because the MGAF is a CIA front and has to account for its awarded
funds eventually to US Congress under a secret budget.

I know people from IIT KGP, and they confirm that Kejriwal was a
member of various groups there including both RSS and Communists and
eventually was viewed with suspicion as each thought he was a
spy/informant for the other. In the end it seemed that his RSS
loyalties prevailed and he used to go for advanced training to
Ramakrishna Mission (which today is a CIA front organisation and very
far removed from Ramakrishna Paramhans' teachings) and then to work
with the Missionaries of Charity (another US front) both in Bengal.
(although his MGAF biography puts it as the other way around and
confuses deliberately the dates)

2) In contrast, I equally went studied Mechanical Engg at Pilani, and
in all my years there I never smoked or drank even a drop of alcohol -
because I come from a deeply religious and spiritually inclined
Brahmin family which opposes all vices and all things foreign which
are designed to enslave us to material things.

3) Because the foreign imperialists are always on the lookout for
corrupt recruits who will obey their bidding, Arvind was recruited by
them.and was eventually placed in Tata Steel but only after his CIA
mentor arranged with JRD Tata to "fix" things because Arvind had badly
failed the campus interview. He was such an incompetent engineer at
Tata's that within a few months he was told to resign or be dismissed,
but somehow it was "fixed" that he was granted a LONG LEAVE OF ABSENCE
(a recurring theme in his career as a foreign agent) and was again
sent to work with Mother Theresa by the CIA to convert poor Bengalis
and Tribals into Christian's. At this time which is in around 1991 he
came into contact with Aruna Roy, a known CIA operative who along with
her "husband" have received crores and crores of rupees from overseas
to convert tribals into Christians (or proto-Christians). Aruna Roy
had also been asked to leave IAS in 1974 and was under a cloud.

4) CIA and Aruna Roy desperately wanted to get Arvind into IAS, but he
simply wasn't good enough, and even though they could have fixed his
UPSC exam results, they could not fix his interview, so the CIA
arranged that Arvind was placed in the IRS instead after his second

I am going to stop here, because the next email in the series will be
about how the RSS is equally a CIA front, in fact the RSS was set up
and financed from USA after World War I.

And how "AAP is not only a A team for Congress but also the B team for
RSS" and why Narendra Modi is also a CIA favourite (the US visa
refusal is just a psychological trick to mislead gullible Indians).

National Convenor,
India Against Corruption

On 1/14/14, M.N.Seshadri <manavasi.seshadri@gmail.com> wrote:
> My dear Ramachandran,
> You appear to jump to conclusions too soon . AAP has been in office just
> days. Congress has been in power for close to 60 years and BJP for a few
> years !!
> AAP WAVE is visible. Have you ever seen Indians like me and IT
> professionals, people like Gopinath, a TV journalist at his peak of fame,
> Medha , and many others all over India wanting to join a political party !!
> This used to happen in between 1920 and 1946 when Congress appealed to all
> Indians ( Jinnah was part of this movement ) to join the party . My mother
> gave me 4 annas when I was 9 to pay the party for becoming a member !! 9
> She was a young south Indian Brahmin widow with shaven head . Well AAP
> is attracting all . Pl. FACE FACTS. Suggest that you also try and convince
> BEDI not to be foolish !! Gen VK Singh should also support AAP and Anna
> should bless him.
> You say AAP is proxy for Congress. Why do you say this ? Is Kumar Biswas
> defying Khejriwal to day when he has vowed to defeat Rahul in Amethi .
> Khejri had the guts to reverse the decision to allow FDI in retail .
> Do you expect him to send Sheila to jail within 10 days of becoming the CM.
> Don't you know that SD would have been clever enough to destroy all
> evidences of corruption ( if at all she was actually corrupt ) ? come on
> Man . Think before you start writing all kinds of nonsense .
> However I know that you are fond of MODI . I am equally fond of him. The
> congress is in bad shape. Even if 10 Khejriwals appear on the scene to prop
> up congress covertly that kind of attempt will end up in dismal failure. I
> wonder whether even Sonia's JESUS can save her or her party. Enough damage
> has been done and just by passing a bit diluted LOKPAL Bill of by hurriedly
> passing three or more Anticorruption bills without bothering to enforce the
> law will only result in the party more votes !!
> Now you want MODI to be the next CM . Ok well done . I also like him . But
> I do not like as many as 50 very senior members of BJP like Yeddy, and
> Gadkari and that guy who took a huge bundle of notes from Thelka !! . Pl
> advise MODI , Rajnath, The very intelligent Arun Jaitely , Yeshwant Sinha ,
> Even Advani who are all CLEAN to act jointly to EXPEL to day itself all
> those who are criminals and even suspected of some dishonest act in the
> past. Having done that approach AAP to te declare that BJP fully endorces
> the views , the manifesto and even the very idea of AAP and tell Khejriwal
> that Modi will be willing to serve under the PM khejriwal if required.
> Khejriwalwill say . " Sir your record in Gujarat suggest that you should
> steer this country for the next 5 years and AAP has enough youngsters to
> take over after 5 years !!
> For you Mr. Ramachandran it will be a win win situation .Also for the BHARAT
> MATA !! So get busy and do something positive for your country.
> Please pass on my suggestion to all your friends and well wishers for the
> sake of India . AAPBJP combine should not talk about caste, religion ,
> language, regions , Incuding Ksahmir and NE , All these will be sorted out
> after MODI becomes the PM with the help of AAP !! Congress is trying hard
> to help Khejriwal hoping to neutralize MODI .not allow them to succeed .
> Just for a sample of the behavior of congress. Manish Tewari condemns RK
> Singh for exposing Shinde !! Within A YEAR OF THE INCIDENT !! But MT says
> that having been his secretary how can he NOW say all these things against
> Shinde. But Congeress tried damn hard to support Sanjiv Bhat ( they even
> financed the election of his wife )a police officer who was serving MODI and
> who apparently carried out all orders , but suddenly woke up after 8 long
> years to declare MODI was the biggest villain . !!! So Ramachandran . Get
> busy !! Seshadri

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