Saturday, October 15, 2016

[IAC#RG] Complaint of CORRUPTION in tax exemption to "Anna" Hazare film


an initiative of  "India Against Corruption"



Shri Arvind Kejriwal,

Chief Minister of NCT Delhi

cc: OSD to Hon'ble LG of Delhi (for information)


Dear Chief Minister,


Sub: CORRUPTION in tax exemption to "Anna" Hazare film

India Against Corruption is constrained to inform you of CORRUPTION by the Commissioner Entertainment Tax / Excise Commissioner of Delhi for recommending to the Cabinet the motion picture "Anna Kisan Baburao Hazare" or suchlike for tax exemption in clear violation of The Delhi Entertainments and Betting Tax Act, 1996.

You may kindly see the relevant website page of the said Dept of your Govt. of NCT Delhi.

It is very strange that this exemption is announced since by all accounts the film is very badly made, is just released, is a fully commercial film and is yet to receive any National or International awards as required by Act and Rules.

Accordingly India Against Corruption infers that your government has only given this tax exemption because Shri Anna Hazare is well known to one of your Cabinet Ministers and to your Guruji Sri Sri Ravi Shankar and to your party financier Shri Jindal, and there is thus considerable CORRUPTION in your cabinet for granting this tax exemption in violation of prescriptions.

Kindly examine our complaint and take suitable action so that there is no hanky panky and revenue loss caused to exchequer.

Looking forward to your prompt reply concerning this matter of tremendous public interest to citizens of Delhi.

Sarbajit Roy
National Convenor
for Delhi Dialogue Commission
(an initiative of "India Against Corruption")

B-59 Defence Colony,
New Delhi 110024
M: +91-8010205897

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