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Re: [IAC#RG] Why Government buckles under U S pressure to lift restriction on NGOs

           Dear Sir,
           The problem with our Government appears to be their 'full faith' in Western policies, especially in USA. The Western countries have been following Capitalists economic method for developing themselves since last (couple of Centuries. In effect these countries became financially rich however considered inthe long run, approaching destruction not only of thesmselves but also of other Species as well as the planet. They taught in the colleges and Universities the same economic systems. Our GREat economists accordingly have learnt (obnly) this system and nothing else they can remember even. Once Dr Raghu Rajan left RBI Governorship, I was feeling that now some better days for Bhaarat and Bhaarateey people may come. But Shri Patelsaheb the new Governor appears to be well educated (and became expert as well) in the same economic systems and Government is continuing to follow in the same foot steps as those of Dr Raghu Rajanjee. I hope all of us are aware about the economic status (at present) of USA.; Their GDP is 16-17 Trillions US $ whereas their foreign debt amount to 4X this.Their economy is dependent only on weapon systems and hence they are busy (always) in wars with some or the other Nation/s. Possibly we are aware that till about 5 years before in USA, only the non-white people were on doles or BPL as they say. But now i.e. since last decade or so, even white people are getting BPL. I am attaching an article, "More Whites also Sinking into Poverty". by Shri Sherwood Ross published in Op Ed News dated 7 June 2014. Their published figures of unemployment will always be less than actual, since they have a system to remove those unemployed from their unemployed Register, if they continue to remain unemployed after 6 months of Govt support for the unemployment status. They are supposed to have got new employment after this 6 months break. None bothers if they are in fact employed or not..
           Their economists as well are crying for changing the current economic Development model as it does not improve GDP without more sufferings of people. I am also attaching another article " We need a New Planetary Economic Model" by Rob Kall published in Op Ed News dated 5 September 2014. In current economic (development) model, the industrialists as well as Government bothers only for getting more money and not for health or the well being of citizens or the planet itself.
           In fact we need not bother about what USA or the Western countries are approaching to economical catastrophe. But our Government is also 'progressing' on the same route and hence we need to worry. Kindly note that in our country more than 50% people are trying to survive on daily income of Rs 33 or less. Similarly we are already knowing that our farming or agriculture has been damaged due to the mechanization and chemical fertilizers (imposed by the British) and continued by our Government/s since Independence. It is not likely to improve till we return to our traditional method. And as per our Agriculture Minister we are progressing on the same system of providing chemical fertilizers and mechanization of our farming now also. For improving agriculture, I had written an article last year entitled "State of Agriculture in Bhaarat".. I am attaching that as well. Kindly go through all the articles attached and let Government also know the actual problems and their (required) solutions that are likely to give respite to us. 
            Kindly also note that never in the ancient History of Bhaarateey economy, importance was ever given for (earning) more money. Aim used to be to have happy and contented citizens under all situations. Please refer to अर्थशास्त्र by आर्य चाणक्य  that was being followed by Bhaarateey kings.
           With regards,
           ------Mukund Apte.

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India Against Corruption
                                                       Why Government buckles under U S pressure to lift  restriction on NGOs

It is deeply disturbing to know that Modi government has allowed US based NGO "Compassionate International" to disburse funds to ten NGOs in India, which was banned earlier , after protest from U S government. 

Earlier, this organization was banned from donating to Indian NGOs, as the funds were suspected to be utilised for wrong purposes such as religious conversion.

India is now going through anxious moments as terrorists and anti nationals are creating violence and terror attacks. There are number of organisations in India who call themselves NGOs , get donation from abroad and indulge in anti national activities as per the directions of the donors.

NGOs get money to block development projects such as nuclear power plants or carry out religious conversion or involve themselves in creating trouble in variety of ways to destabilize India by causing disturbances. 

How can Modi government yield to such pressures from foreign governments to allow NGOs indulging in nefarious activities to get money from abroad? Even political leaders are said to be getting such money form abroad for their partisan activities. 

Modi government should certainly not yield to any coercive threats from any country whatsoever and should stand by India at any cost to ensure that foreign money would not be allowed to flow into the country to be used for wrong purposes.

Nandini Voice for The Deprived

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      With regards to all,
      ------Mukund Apte

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