Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Re: [IAC#RG] Suicide is the only option for Middle class person to prove that he is innocent and escape from being harassed by political/money power ?

Thanks for all the respected inputs and I got pouring replies from individuals which made me feel that still I need to fight and see and control my oscillation human mind. I have included my wife email in this thread.
In case any thing in future if she requires any inputs, she will ask whether she is doing right or wrong . Because I came to know those guys are talking with rowdies and gundas to do something illegal when I am defending them for last 8 months legally. They wanted me / my parents to give our assets by threatening. I am in sure motive what ever happens those gundas should not get single paise from innocent by using money power and I want to set my case as example and if when anythign they do with me or my family my assets should go to PM funds and orphanage  and I have done the back ground work with my Advocate already.

Their only mechanism is threatening me by harassing my dad and threatening my family by harassing me.


On 11-Oct-2016 2:09 PM, "Sarbajit Roy" <sroy.mb@gmail.com> wrote:
Respected Ranga Rao ji is 100% correct

You and your family are not liable for any acts done by your brother without your knowledge or participation

Police are notorious for misusing their uniform / office for extracting money by threats. Do not get fooled by them, ultimately they have to work within CrPC norms and police manuals.

Do NOT pay bribes, it is a very slippery slope once you go down it. The working rule is that police are equally under time pressure to deliver bribes upwards regularly. Nobody from them wants to provoke a motivated citizen who will waste their time with RTI, public grievances, complaints, and prevent them from 'earning' UNLESS you challenge their ego and make it a prestige issue.

Lastly, always remember the fate of DSP Saunders - "Citizens should not be scared of police, the police should be scared of citizens". Thankfully, India is still not yet a nation of Gandhis (eunuchs) as our enemies would want us to be.


On Tue, Oct 11, 2016 at 10:49 AM, Ranga Rao <dsrangarao@gmail.com> wrote:
With corrections, please.

D.S.Ranga Rao
9969 069 144

Dear Mr. Saravanan, 
You need not fear anybody. As your brother is out of touch with you or your parents, and you or your parents are not involved in any of his money transactions, there is no reason for you or your parents to be afraid of your brother's lenders or any of his associates. More over, as you say, you have already court protection. Show it to the police, include it in your statements to police that you or your parents are either directly or indirectly
involved in your brother's dealings or his business matters and therefore you all are not liable to bear the burden of omissions and commissions of your brother. If still the harassment persists from the goons or police, you may engage a good lawyer and get a fresh and strong directive from the court not to harass you or your parents in any way. Police cannot detain you or your parents with a view to harass you. May be they detain you in order to save you from the goons. If you feel that police are harassing you, you can tell them that you have nothing to do with your brother's wrongs and you be spared of further questioning. 

You need think of suicide or any other drastic step for this much nuisance. Face the situation boldly and wisely. After all, there are many more people with more severe problems living and trying to overcome their difficulties by making sustainable efforts within their own means. You are an educated and skilled professional. You should not think of dying is the ultimate solution to one's problems. Be practical and realistic in life. When you are clean by your conscience, you need not be afraid of anybody. 

Next time, when police call you or if any fellow threatens you or your parents, go to police and complain in writing, giving out the name of that fellow who threatens you and write that the same fellow has to be held responsible if any thing untoward happens to you or your family or your parents. Take an acknowledgement of that complaint from police and give it to the press and file a private complaint in the court for directions to police to take action. No fellow will dare come near you nor your parents. Best.  

D.S.Ranga Rao
9969 069 144

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