Thursday, October 27, 2016

Re: [IAC#RG] Query re "J&K Instrument of Accession" being circulated by Venkatesh Nayak of CHRI

Dear Sarbajit,

Mountbatten was not on the scene when the letter was signed by the Maharaja in Srinagar. It was VP Menon who got it signed and returned to Delhi the same day by an air force plane. He even boasted to a friend over a drink, I have Kashmir in my pocket. Col Pavan Nair.

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1) Shri Siddharta Varadarajan / THEWIRE.IN
2) Shri Sanjoy Hazarika / Director CHRI


I am disturbed to read the article in "TheWire.In"  headlined as "Exclusive: For the First Time, a True Copy of Jammu & Kashmir's Instrument of Accession" by CHRI's employee Mr. Venkatesh Nayak containing purported scan of various Instruments of Accession allegedly obtained by Shri Nayak under the Public Records Act...

I am disturbed that despite Mr. Nayak obtaining the true copies of  several IoA's to the Indian Union from the National Archive, he has deliberately uploaded a distorted and blurred scan of J&K's Instrument of Accession which lacks the official seal of the Governor-General Lord Mountbatten of Burma. It is pertinent that all the other scans of IoAs of acceding states uploaded by Mr. Nayak to The Wire bear such seals.

Because I am concerned that "The Wire" and/or "CHRI" are being used by Mr. Nayak who works closely with  Mr. Syed Sharfuddin(the London based former Pakistan Foreign Service diplomat who established CHRI), I would request both of you, jointly or severally, to kindly immediately upload only the actual IoA of J&K which bears the official seal of Lord Mountbatten and stop circulating such forgeries which will aid India's foes.

Herein fail not.


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