Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Re: [IAC#RG] IMPORTANT NOTICE: IAC in LS-2019 elections

Dear Dr Nahata

I can assure you that this list has a high percentage of persons with a keen sense of history.

The party which IAC proposes shall be operationally separate from IAC but shall have a core of workers grounded in IAC's revolutionary philosophy and with an entirely different membership profile from the usual rag-tag political parties (mostly composed of opportunists and carpet-baggers) and our party shall adopt some unconventional positions on public issues.

IAC has more than enough resources and dedicated cadres across India to launch a party in a month if required and to sustain it for decades if required. However, being a low profile movement we deem it prudent to initially utilise the momentum of IAC's volunteer base instead of using / revealing our own resources.

We expect Aam Aadmi Party to get progressively larger (and therefore more corrupt) and Bhushan-Yadav party to be a niche player fizzling out within 2 years. This will transfer enough of their dissatisfied workers into the clean, honest and revolutionary party IAC will form and we are taking certain steps to ensure that name of Swaraj India Party is retained by us for that eventuality.

Lastly, the members of the new party shall not be big names, or professional politicians. We have no use for such people who come begging to HRA for votes at every elections.

Sarbajit Roy

On Wed, Oct 12, 2016 at 7:56 PM, manak nahata <> wrote:

You may be aware that late Rajaji had formed Swatantra party and Maharani Gayatridevi of Jaipur was an important member of that party besides many others but it did not last long.

The idea of forming a new party sounds good but to run it is not an easy affair-- of course this must have been thought of by the concerned people We wish you best of luck.


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The IAC decision to explore its options of forming a national political party - "SWARAJ INDIA PARTY" is very welcome and actually long overdue. It is great the IAC is finally coming out in the open, and the presence of even a few of IAC's freedom soldiers in public life will show India who the true patriots really are.

Please count me in.


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