Thursday, October 20, 2016

Re: [IAC#RG] Alarming pollution levels at R.K.Puram

Well in this case I think the causes are very well known and you should not fall into the trap of using data and reports by self serving NGOs like CSE or TERI or corrupted ones like IIT which have been subverted by their compromises with their commercial sponsors.

For eg, Landfills in Delhi are ALWAYS on fire. They are ALWAYS on fire because of the illegal SLUMS of Delhi which are the votebanks for politicians. No existing party will dare to call for these slums to be bulldozed and the residents externed out of Delhi.

Action points

1) Ban all major construction work in Delhi. This is a major cause of dust and PM. DMRC is a major contributant and also blocks numerous important road stretches like Ring Road.

2) Ban Ola and Uber cabs. Ban all 2 wheelers and 3 wheelers.

3) Ban all pottery works in Delhi, these illegal units only start up after sunset and are notorious for burning PVC scrap like old electrical wires to recover copper/aluminium. for instance let us see if Kejriwal has the guts to stop the notoriously polluting "Kumhar Colony" in Uttam Nagar. But how can he ?

4) Prohibit DMRC from expelling / venting gases. This single step would probably reduce pollution by 10%

5) Seal all 5-star hotels and malls.

6) Prohibit use of air conditioners. This new trend of closely packed tall vertical glass structures requiring air-conditioning is responsible for at least 20% of the mess.

and so on.

Private car owners are not really responsible for the pollution mess, the problem is that AAP and Kejriwal are in the pockets of the polluters and are very well funded by them. Private car owners were thought to be a soft target, but the worm has turned.

On Thu, Oct 20, 2016 at 2:29 PM, Prodipto Roy <> wrote:

Please remember that in the second round of odd-even someone set fire to the huge land fill mountain beyond Okhla. And villagers standardly burn biomass this season. By the time the second round started, commuters/commercial operators wisened up and bought odd-even no. New cars.

It was just an experiment, there's no need to condemn the person who instituted it but there IS a need to critically examine all the data(including such diverse things as international specs on different types of fuel and Indian fuels, diesel car models, prevailing wind patterns at that period, emissions from STPs, incinerators, generators, gases from covered drainage, wood burning by homeless people, pollution from incoming trucks, etc. )and their sources that is with the NGT and the CPCB, CSE, whoever. I.e., it needs an independent long-term scientific study without political agendas.

Joya Roy

On 19 Oct 2016 22:26, "Sarbajit Roy" <> wrote:

We are pleased to report to our members that the Central Pollution Control Board has confirmed what IAC has been saying all along that Aam Aadmi Party's "Odd-Even" scheme did not cut pollution.

"Odd-even in Delhi had no impact, says Central Pollution Control Board"

Since yesterday the pollution in South Delhi was 7 times the prescribed limit, IAC has demanded that Secretary Environment GNCTD be charge-sheeted. Accordingly, the L-G has summoned the Secretary Environment today to LG House to explain these readings and CPCB findings.

It may be noted that the sensor data we are relying on is from  DPCC's most modern setup located at R.K.Puram using radio-active technology and is situated inside a Kendriya Vidyalaya school in midst of greenery and open spaces, so readings are much lower than actual levels faced in crowded streets and markets.

As a short term measure, IAC has demanded that igniting and bursting of firecrackers be banned during Diwali to drive home AAP sarkar's inability to control pollution in Delhi.


On Thu, Oct 20, 2016 at 11:23 AM, Sarbajit Roy <> wrote:
Chief Minister of Delhi

Dear Chief Minister

Please find attached the PDF file (printed from DPCC air monitoring website) showing that 10 um SPM pollution levels at 700 are 7 times the permissible limits of 100. The readings are for 19th Oct 2016.

Since it is the Aam Aadmi Party govt which is responsible for this alarming situation, kindly immediately initiate disciplinary action against the Chairperson DPCC and Member Secretary DPCC for their gross corruption and failure to control the air pollution despite having the adequate real-time instrumentation which is recording these alarming pollution levels.

As a short term measure I strongly urge you to BAN the bursting and igniting of all firecrackers during this Diwali and prosecute offenders vigorously so that people of Delhi properly understand the pollution demon which is killing them.


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