Thursday, October 20, 2016


Dear Sarbajit Roy,

I have been under under the impression that IAC is a non partisan, apolitical, powerful, courageous and highly patriotic group of Indians whose primary aim is nation state and country first without being hypocritical and double standard. I am extremely disappointed by the very fact of you and few others decided against UCC.
1) Let me ask you is there any country which practice laws against the constitution in the name of religious freedom.
2) Any law which permits gender discrimination.
3) Will the IAC experts suggest imposition of Sharia law for harshest punishment for rape, murder, thief, etc by instant justice to the accused by amputation, stoning, public hanging, public lashing etc to those whose freedom of religion is at stake.
4) Will you not comment about the anti national forces who enjoys the benefits of our country, eats shamelessly the taxpayers money, yet claims they are not Indians.
5) Should we not up stand against those forces which are feared by the majority and so the consequences of India today and allow to continue in perpetuity.

You need to be strong impartial and strife for removing these injustices prevailing for decades by the sheer stupidity of our past leaders and some present day vote bank politicians who may mortgage the country for power. If we consider ourselves unique speak out against past wrong doings regardless of being politically incorrect be so, in the larger interest of the country.

I am terribly disappointed I thought this is one such platform to do something for all countrymen irrespective of caste, religion and despite huge diversity.

Dr K S Elangbam

On 18 Oct 2016 22:43, "Swaraj Abhiyan" <> wrote:
Here you are Pandeyji


On Tue, Oct 18, 2016 at 2:41 PM, Onkar <> wrote:
Dear Mr. Roy,

The Link of the Page you have mentioned in your Letter to Mr. kejriwal is not there. Perhaps it has been removed. 

"We have noted that you have not replied to our earlier email dt. Oct.9 2016 and also that the misogynist abuser Mr. Ashutosh continues as National Spoksperson for the Aam Aadmi party.  Now, since you have not denied the contents of Mr. Kapil Bajaj's piece (which we reported to you) alleging your own past liason/s and/or "bedroom farce" with Ms. Maliwal (@Shilpa), and since NEWSGRAM.COM (a news website in USA) has published some rather disturbing facts about Ms. Swati Maliwal and her keen interest in prostitution rackets in Delhi, the India Against Corruption ("IAC") is caused to publicly question you and/or your Government as follows:-"

Post: ""
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