Tuesday, October 18, 2016

[IAC#RG] Why Government buckles under U S pressure to lift restriction on NGOs

India Against Corruption
                                                       Why Government buckles under U S pressure to lift  restriction on NGOs

It is deeply disturbing to know that Modi government has allowed US based NGO "Compassionate International" to disburse funds to ten NGOs in India, which was banned earlier , after protest from U S government. 

Earlier, this organization was banned from donating to Indian NGOs, as the funds were suspected to be utilised for wrong purposes such as religious conversion.

India is now going through anxious moments as terrorists and anti nationals are creating violence and terror attacks. There are number of organisations in India who call themselves NGOs , get donation from abroad and indulge in anti national activities as per the directions of the donors.

NGOs get money to block development projects such as nuclear power plants or carry out religious conversion or involve themselves in creating trouble in variety of ways to destabilize India by causing disturbances. 

How can Modi government yield to such pressures from foreign governments to allow NGOs indulging in nefarious activities to get money from abroad? Even political leaders are said to be getting such money form abroad for their partisan activities. 

Modi government should certainly not yield to any coercive threats from any country whatsoever and should stand by India at any cost to ensure that foreign money would not be allowed to flow into the country to be used for wrong purposes.

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