Saturday, October 22, 2016

[IAC#RG] Dubious actions of Ashish Khetan

Chief Minister of Delhi

Dear Chief Minister

A few months back I was very glad to learn that Dialogue and Development Commission of Delhi (DDCD) was being slowly wound down by you, since as usual the Hon'ble L-G had been bypassed to set up this extra-constitutional and illegal NAC type think-tank of fixers created to accommodate yet another AAP journalist like Ashish Khetan as Vice-Chairman at sky-high salaries and perks.

So I was very glad to see that the DDCD was defunct as evidenced from their website showing ZERO members

However I was then shocked to learn that Ashish Khetan was still functioning secretly. mostly from his home, continuing to draw his salary and perks, and official files were still being sent to him. One such set of documents Ashish Khetan has no business with was the 125 crore RFID project of MCD's toll tax dept to monitor movement of trucks in Delhi. Yet strangely the files and tenders of MCD were directed by somebody in Delhi to be sent to him to study on behalf of Delhi Govt.

Please be informed that we believe Ashish Khetan is interfering in this project to ensure that some particular vendors / technologies are selected and that corrupt system of considerable under-reporting and cash collection will continue to prevail and the huge air pollution caused by trucks will continue. IAC has repeatedly cautioned you and your Transport Ministers about the unhealthy associations Mr. Ashish Khetan and his DDCD has with the so-called Centre for Science and Environment who are pushing this RFID project through MC Mehta's PILs.

Another atrociously corrupt decision by Ashish Khetan is the DDCD report on unhealthy snack foods. Surely it doesn't need a hack journalist hired by AAP at an inflated salary to tell us that junk foods are super bad for children ? But to tax them as compensation ? What is this if not corruption and moral bankruptcy ? Under these circumstances, and now that the DDCD report is with you since 2nd Oct 2016, IAC wants to know by when your AAP Government will be shutting down / sealing the following establishments and/or their products

a) Pizza Hut
b) Dominoes
c) Kentucky Fried Chicken
d) MacDonalds
e) Burger King
f) Coca Cola
g) Pepsi Cola

India Against Corruption urges you to do so at soon as possible so that our school children are not poisoned by these US MNC chains, and that only healthy, nutritious, organic and non-GMO Indian foods can be provided to them by Indian entrepreneurs.


Sarbajit Roy, for
Delhi Dialogue Commission
(an initiative of "India Against Corruption")
B-59 Defence Colony,
New Delhi - 110024

Mob: +91-8010205897

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