Monday, October 24, 2016

Re: [IAC#RG] Dubious actions of Ashish Khetan

Dear Shri Gaur

In most cases Shri Kejriwal's helpful OSD Rajeeve Gupta forwards the email to the concerned Minister. From there onwards our team tracks the emails in that office and pursues it.

It is incorrect to suggest that no action is taken, for eg.

a) On our emails complaining about misuse of IAC's name "Delhi Dialogue Commission" Mr. Kejriwal personally intervened to change the name of their eponymous Commission.

b) On our repeated complaints about e-rickshaws blocking roads and bus-stands, his Govt implemented a policy of dedicated lanes and increased the fines to Rs.2,000. Since Delhi Police is not cooperating in enforcement they specified that other officers could initiate prosecution etc.

The above are just minor examples.

When they do not act, we take the matter forward using formal channels. for eg

a) When they refused to explain how 2 cr and 1  cr was given to PV Sindhu and Sakshi Malik, I personally filed a vigilance complaint to LG. (no 20163814 dt. 23.10.2016)  since these awards are tax free and there are 'dalals' involved.

Insofar as votes in Punjab is concerned, I and my seniors are tremendously upset ("grudge") about Ashutosh's public insult to HRA's icon from Punjab and there is no question of IAC extending any support to AAP there under these circumstances.

Hopes this clarifies sufficiently.


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Dear Sir,

We see from time to time email msgs sent to the Chief Minister on various issues highlighting the irregularities, corrupt practices either through Govt. officials or their party functionaries. But we have not seen a single reply from the Chief Minister let alone any remedial measure. In one sense it is good that we know you are making sincere efforts. But finally what is the good of it? Now we find he has no time for Delhi at all for any of its p roblems. His total time,attention and resources are for fighting elections in Punjab. Since you have a sizeable following in Punjab, do we take it that you are backing him t- here too through your volunteers? If you do not wish to reply I will understand. Rgds JKGaur    

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