Monday, October 17, 2016

Re: [IAC#RG] Law Commission seeks inputs on UCC

Dear Shri Gaur and Ors.

Shri Gaur's and Dr. K S Elangbam emails have been considered at highest levels of HRA since "Hindutva" and "secularism" are IAC's lodestar

At the outset, IAC had received about 800+ emails on this topic, which we were unable to circulate because of our list limitations. Of these the vast majority (>90%) are of the view that UCC be made compulsory and the specified practices be regulated / prohibited.

A similarly widespread exercise was also conducted at grass roots (non-urban intellectual) level among the affected populations, including tribals, by Hindustan Republican Army which presents quite the opposite view.

Since this clearly indicates attempts to polarise the population into "Hindus" versus "others" - elections in some states are not far away - and considering the background of the present Chairman Law Commission who has clearly drafted the questionnaire in a biased and polarising manner, IAC and HRA have jointly decided that to defend the customary way of life, including Hindu caste system of superior Hindus (eg that Brahmins are entitled to 4 wives, Kshatriyas entitled to 3 wives, Vaishyas/Baidyas entitled to 2 wives etc.) and the rights of tribals and indigenous people (who constitute over 30% of India's voting citizens and are not Hindus in law - no matter what ilk of Dr. Sunramaniam Swamy claim) both IAC and HRA are (draft) circulating as follows:-

1) That India Against Corruption opposes the Uniform Civil Code until such time as

a) All personal laws are abolished,

b) Legal definition of "Hindu" (as person not Muslim, Christian, Parsi, Jew etc) contained in the Hindu Code (Hindu codified laws of 1954-1956 era) is deleted from all statute books, (NB: "Hindu" is a foreign term),

c) Any other matters the IAC subscribers propose and resolve

NB: This is only a draft proposal circulated for discussion, and those responding are requested to make reasoned / legalistic / non-emotional arguments with citations.


On Thu, Oct 13, 2016 at 3:35 PM, Gaur J K <> wrote:

Dear Mr. S.Roy.
You must participate whole heartily. But in my view we have to be first clear what are the civil rights you want to codify. Civil rights like liberty equality are all covered by the fundamental rights. Here it is basically concerned with religious rights including marriage divorce property rights and all. They have played havoc with Hindu laws in a hurried manner. They recognise spindas and customary laws yet they they refuse it on the ground that they do not form a core of the religion. The same problem will happen whether it is Islam or christiniaty. And the politicians do it without proper consultation with religious and social institutions. It should be much large and long process of consultations. Nehru did it for Hindus because they can be managed and left Muslim fearing backlash. In the name of progess and modernity which are basically western thoughts let us not sacrifice basic core values of our future traditions and way of life and hand over all our civil rights to the govt. And courts from birth to death and thereafter.Regds JK gaur

On 10 Oct 2016 23:51, Sarbajit Roy <> wrote:
If our members wish we can discuss the Law Commission's UCC questionnaire which is accessible here


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