Thursday, October 20, 2016


Yesterday discussion on sum hospital is totally wrong. Sum hospital is substitute for government hospital not any corporate hospitals like aditya care,appllo etc

Plz don't comment any unnecessary things this hospital is lifeline for poor sections of odisha

And another thing just 2 months before fire broke out Cuttack govt scb hospital but chief minister was not arrested neither chief medical officer

We should favor somebody's effort he is not like mallya or any black corporate person


On Oct 20, 2016 1:29 PM, "R. Dua" <> wrote:

Security cover to Sh Arnab ji is a necessity.
Don't know about any other reason but the way he questions Pakistan generals and takes the questions right to the culprit's throat..
Yesterday on News Hour he insisted on knowing whereabouts of SUM hospital owner, some Nayar who runs Medical Colleges, Engg institutes and wat not in Orrisa.
These country straps have BIG money involved and can go to any length to silence ppl.
No other news channel does this so good and corners the culprit.
Hence security cover can be put to higher cat too..Well Worth.
With Regards to all.

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