Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Re: [IAC#RG] Fwd: PRESS RELEASE: Yet another US inspired party from house of Bhushans ?


Yes I have seen the web and shocked to see Swaraj Abhyan address in Newyork and there is no information under various heads except Prashant Bhusan,s some comments about bank NPAs and crony capitalism. What one can one say about this new outfit? Also some news in Hindi about Rafael deal. I am being to feel that PILs which were developed in the 80s as a tool to get justice for common people facing difficulty with the executive(Govt) has outlived its utility and effectiveness. There are many lawyers who are fighting solely PILs in the Superior courts on behalf of interested parties in high courts and Supreme Court. One of the Bhusan has specialised in such PILs. It is for nothing that the Supreme Court questioned him very closely in one such case to establish the bonafides of the PIL. It is high time the Supreme Court goes into this and frame clearcut guidelines specially if any foreign Agency is behind it. It is also not a coincidence that all deals -specially defence- which the Govt. enters into with any European manufacturer be it french or Italian and where the Americans lose it on price or any other consideration ,information continues to get leaked deal till either the deal is scuttled or scrapped or delayed. May be some friends wont understand but S. Roy knows what I am talking about it and what is its relevance with Swaraj Abhiyan.

For UP clan the less said the better. It will continue to play out.Regds


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What is it? It needs to be clarified .

Anand Kumar

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Political circles in Uttar Pradesh were abuzz with 2 developments today

1. Trouble in the SP-Yadav family arising between the 2 wives of Netaji and mobilization of rival Yadav armies for the next Yadava Mahabharat. (even a half-Yadav flop actor like Anna Hazare has been booked up by Amar Singh+BJP to play his part)

2. Indicators that Yoginder Yadava's's scripted & directed Swarajya India party is a CIA tainted production from the house of Bhushans; to the extent that even the new party's official contact address are their New York and Washington offices in USA (as exposedi in their official website which is themed in USA).


3. Since they will quickly delete the incriminating evidence even faster than #Kejriwal does, here is the pictorial evidence of it.


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