Sunday, October 30, 2016

Re: [IAC#RG] [NCPRI] Locating the Jammu and Kashmir Instrument of Accession after 69 years

Dear Dalvi ji


Thanks for your independent confirmation. You may also like to know the following facts

1) Venkatesh Nayak works for CHRI, a liberal organisation controlled and masterminded by Syed Sharfudin (hardcore Pakistani Foreign Service). CHRI is very well funded by George Soros through various front foreign foundations.

2) The other actor is Siddharth Varadarajan, a US citizen, who has set up another foundation in India "Foundation for Independent Journalism" which is financed through another trust (layers of onion skins) "Independent and Public-Spirited (IPS) Media Foundation" in  which ex-Justice Ruma Pal is a Trustee.The IPSMF foundation which is disbursing huge amounts curiously does not publish any accounts or annual reports.

3) Needless to say that George Soros is the mastermind behind the Vivekananda International Foundation and Doval and gang are his chelas, and hence India Against Corruption (as an intensely patriotic organisation) has always opposed and denounced him.

4) Venkatesh Nayak only exposed the IOA as part of his larger gameplan against the AFSPA (Armed Forces Special Powers Act). For many years now the CHRI is part of a Pakistani-sponsored campaign to prove that AFSPA cannot be applied in J&K. Which is behind their so-called "research"into old Constituent Legislative Assembly debates.

5) It is a matter of public record that Venkatesh Nayak assisted and represented the Navy War room spying accused before tribunal/s.

Jai Hind

Sarbajit Roy

On Mon, Oct 31, 2016 at 9:38 AM, Rajinder Dalvi <> wrote:
Dear Sh Venkatesh

I am surprised that you are doubting the documents you have released into public domain after claiming they were obtained from National Archives. I am perplexed why you disagree these documents do not 100% prove J&K acceded to India, especially since over 500 other Indian princely states signed the identical Instrument of Accession and there is no controversy over there integration in the Union of India.

Should I list 3 or 4 points regarding the document you circulated, eg.

1) The original copy of the IOA for J&K was with the Ministry of Home Affairs but without any standstill agreement. Yet you have managed a copy of the standstill agreement also. How did you manage this feat ?

2) All the documents you have circulated for J&K's IOA seem to be uncertified and lack the MHA's (ie. Ministry of State) official seal, unlike the other IOA's you obtained. Is it possible that the original IOA is still with the MHA and not transferred to Natinal Archives by them ?

3) The document you have circulated differs materially in its text from that published by the J&K Law Dept from their official website, and also from that published from the Indian Govt's "Digital library of India " but is virtually identical to the version being circulated by a Pakistani origin website "". Why is that ?

4) Is it not true that the originals of all these agreements are actually in London and only copies certified by the Dominion's "Ministry of States" were given to India and to J&K ?

I hope that an expert and researcher like yourself can clarify these issues.

RP Dalvi
नगर प्रचार प्रमुख
अखिल भारतीय बहुजन रक्षा दल
पुणे  / अहमदनगर

On Fri, Oct 28, 2016 at 10:07 AM, Venkatesh Nayak <> wrote:
Thanks for the good wishes sir. My objective is what is mentioned in the email alert and the article, nothing more, nothing less. The issue that you have mentioned is much larger and complex and cannot be resolved merely by putting some historical documents in the public domain.

On 27 October 2016 at 22:58, Rajinder Dalvi <> wrote:

What a deed you did to extract all these documents proving Jammu and Kashmir is 100% a part of India.

Surely you are on ISI hit list for this surgical strike and must pray for your continued well being and safety.

RP Dalvi
नगर प्रचार प्रमुख
अखिल भारतीय बहुजन रक्षा दल
पुणे  / अहमदनगर

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