Monday, October 10, 2016

Re: [IAC#RG] Suicide is the only option for Middle class person to prove that he is innocent and escape from being harassed by political/money power ?

Dear Saravanan Mohandass,

Having read your story about the brothers money borrowing, 
would like to share that this is the case of many, 

many persons still in villages and also in cities. 

Can something be brought about by the government for this? 

Can people have safe places to borrow at low interest rates. ?

this is very, very important.

On my side cannot do much but will surely pray for you

and your family to be out of this safely. 

The power of prayer is enormous, pl all who read it 

pray with sincerity for Saravanan Mohandass,

His case is not impossible.

Regards with prayers in my heart 

Madhu Bhatia

Jai Gurudeva.

Hari Ommmm..

On Mon, Oct 10, 2016 at 12:16 PM, saravanan mohandass <> wrote:
I am from Bangalore - karnataka working in software industry . My native is in
Tamilnadu.I was staying in bangalore for last 6 years and was staying in chennai for 4 years before that.
After my marriage , my mom /dad also came with me to stay. and we have been stuck here for 2 years
in bangalore completely and not going to native much often due to my wife's pregnancy issues + My kid
was undergone surgery in second day of birth due to "trachea esophagus artesia" and i can show all the
medical record if required. My brother who was running pharma wholesale
business has done some money fraud in native it seems in last 2 years, we dont have any clue on what
he had done. But lot of gangs/gundas/groups has tourturing us since he has absconded.He was telling us
the week before he got absconded that he was having some business loss of 18 lakhs only which my
family was aware. that's all. And my mom told him that we will try to lend some money from relatives
and will rectify. But He has absconded on "1st feb 2016" in salem. We have given a man missing case on
salem commissioner office on same day.My family was completely shocked and was in deep
sadness. We were searching for him., the 2/3 days after he left, we started feeling that we don't have
safety for our life. Safeguarding our self was in question that time more than searching my brother due
to these mobs who were claiming that they have given money to my brother.
The people who were claiming that they were given money started threatening us started saying that,
they have given money of 7 crores, and day by day amount got increased and now they are claiming that
total money worth is 18 crores something. After 10 days i came back to Bangalore to re-join my work
and my dad was staying there in search for him.
Once in native, some people came and done illegal threatening to my dad [We called local police station
and some constables came and they cleared the man who was creating the noise] , and my dad got
afraid he also came to an Bangalore.
And one day from a salem judicial court, people who were claiming that gave an money got an
"Insolvency petition"  circular on 5th march.
Suddenly on 7th march , some TN police came to my Bangalore house and enquired about my brother. I
responded for their queries. They have requested me/my dad to come to an salem police station to
write and give the same interrogation details. I said ok, and went along with them. Once i reached salem,
they have filed an false case against my entire family stating 87 sovereign of gold my brother taken and
run away and they are telling that myself /my father was aware of it and trying to include us in that
Case. No one showed the complaint to us till now. But we don't had any clue on any of the money/gold
transaction which my brother has done with anyone.
And most of the money [ ~ 4-5 crores ] were seems to be given to my brother by single person named
"M.Dhanakoti" [He is the money broker ]  for high interest rates who had given complaint  after the IP notice has been served. Seems that
in last 2 years my brother and this guy dhankoti only
done a business together. Don;t know whether that business is legal or illegal. But no one [including
police] is trying to enquire him or about this money transactions but all the people are surrounding us
and started torturing us only by using their gundas
Those people were threatening stating that, they will file an FIR against us also, we have decided to go
for an anticipatory bail and got that because FIR against my name will screw up my profession. we were
signing in local police station salem for almost 45 days at 10AM every day. Nothing got over and i need
to re-join my work, i decided to cancel the bail and started working because i have to run my family. I
am a normal middle-class engineer.
Now after a month time, again some gundas are searching for me/my dad/my family. And our life is in
Only after my brother sent an IP notice, they were trying to file some fake cases against me/my
dad without any proof. They along with some police guys threatening that they will file a 420 case
against me/my dad or gundas case against me/my dad. As on today we don't have any cases filed
against us and they don't have any proof and i have not involved in any money transaction. They were
trying to harass us very badly. Please save my family to give complaint to police they need an proof :( how can i anticipate and record  audio/vido practically when the person is threatening me :( without knowing his knowledge.

We are ready to respect the legal system always, and will co-operate the any proper/legal interrogation.
If those people physically harass us [ either TN police or any gundas], and something happened to
myself/my dad, no one is there to take care of My mom, my wife and my one year kid. We are
completely innocent and we have not taken single paise from those gangs or from my brother.
My family and I not worried about the cases filed against my brother as he has absconded but in the
same time using those cases they are trying to harass my family/relatives in the name of investigation
without any proof against us. If this continues, i will go for a mass suicide in my family. I dont have any
other option. Because i cannot handle the pressure anymore.
I am ready to go for native only when we will be sure that our life will be safe and people won't
harass us by any means.
I am working as a software engineer, whatever these guys are trying and making us , it forces us to give
up. Because my job/life/safety and more than anything mental stability is in question. Lot of pressure
which we cannot handle because so called police system is completely working for those gundas and they are not investigating neutrally.
We have been taken direction "Not to Harass" from high court and we are planning to go to native, but suspecting that those people will  try to file some false cases against us like "we have been beating them or trying to kill them" kind of  by making use of our so called police system. How to avoid this  legally and make sure those guys can not file these kind of cases , though they are complaining, the police should not file an FIR/CC "without proper proof" ?

Really i am completely lost my control over my life, please help us and save my family by giving inputs for how to come out of this kind of mental and physical harassment.



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Madhu Bhatia

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