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[IAC#RG] Fw: CBSE rolls back Aadhar for IIT-JEE Mains exam on IAC complaint

Dear Shri S. Roy,


I am resending my comments of 9/1 on Aadhar issue with further comments / clarification as under –


1} When UPA tried to give it a legislative protection, NDA did not allow it. This situation continued till 2014 election.


2.  That in 2016 the present Government has passed an Aadhaar Act as a Money Bill to bypass Rajya Sabha.  In my opinion it is a fraud on Parliament because the Parliament Committee which examined the UPA legislative proposal had made scathing comments and stated that it should be discussed and passed by Parliament in both houses.


3. Whilst passing the Bill in the Lok Sabha NDA not only retained most of the provisions of UPA proposed legislation but have also armed themselves with some powers which are beyond subsidy domain.


4. That after passing this legislation the government is trying to bring every conceivable institution/public utility under Aadhar registration and everyday advertisement appear that more tahan 100 crore are already registered. Railways are now making mandatory for Senior citizens if they want to claim concession as if other documents are no proof of their age.


5.That we discussed the pros and cons of this issue earlier, but surprisingly not after the Act of 2016.  That the matter is still before the Supreme Court for finality.


J. K. Gaur

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It is a good news. But the problem is the Govt. is hell bent to keep pushing inspite of the Supreme Court having repeatedly ruled that AADHAR is not mandatory but optional only for the subsidies which are required to be credited directly to the beneficiaries bank Accs.

It is the same party Govt. who vehemently opposed this scheme when brought in by the UPA Govt. and accused the Govt. that through this dubious scheme the Govt. is trying to give subsidy benefits to illegal immigrants from Bangladesh for vote bank and ultimately give them citizenship rights. Now the same party Govt. in total disregard of S.C is making it mandatory for one institution after another. Now the Banks have started insisting for AADHARCard.

The same Govt. now wants to extend to Railways and make it compulsory.

The UPA Govt. had done it without any legislative approval but only under delegated authority in the PMO office.

The objections that there is extensive misuse in Adhar registration, involvement of private agencies and strong possibility of misuse by foreign inteligencies and privacy of an individual are brushed aside.

It appears that this fight which has been going on between the civil society and the Govt. through legal recourse will continue. No country other than India is pushing so hard. Others who tried have given up this Unique Identification . National Identity Card should be the true identity of citizenship. regds  

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Subject: [IAC#RG] CBSE rolls back Aadhar for IIT-JEE Mains exam on IAC complaint
Dear IAC-ians

It appears (final reply still awaited) that CBSE has rolled back the clause that Aadhar is mandatory for students appearing in IIT-JEE Main exam after IAC protested and enclosed copy of the SC judgment in in WP(C) 686/2016 titled as ALL BENGAL MINORITY STUDENTS COUNCIL versus UNION OF INDIA dt. 14.09.2016

CPIO of CBSE has today replied in RTI they have notified some clarifications concerning alternative methods to Aadhar for students to sit for the JEE Mains exam. The actual order itself is coming by post.

Our online RTI no. is CBSED/R/2016/51816, and CPIO's reply (attached) can also accessed from there.

Sarbajit Roy

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