Friday, January 6, 2017


The BJP is leaving no stone unturned to win Uttar Pradesh at any cost, or at
least to ensure a tie-up with one of the factions (Akhilesh Yadav) of Samajwadi
Party in event of a hung vote.

Efforts are on to cobble together a front of BSP and at least one faction of SP
thus forcing the Congress to also join in.

The Indian voter is smart, and if elections are held today in UP, the BJP will
come to power. But time will tell. If business does not revive soon, then UP's
migrant labour will be a restive force sitting idle back home.

There is also very significant (possibly tectonic) shift in BJP's traditional
small businessman / trader base which has noted with envy Modi's growing
closeness to big corporate houses and is very restless. No matter where they
voted for Parliament,
in local elections in UP and Punjab this trader class is
going to want a stable
and seasoned local CM who can ensure law and order.
In UP that would definitely
be Mayawati. In Punjab, the AAP rebel Chottepur
could turn out to be a dark
horse or a game changer.

In conversations struck up in my own missions as Hindu Samaj sewak, I find
increasingly, the trader communities are getting worried over Modi's
"lunacy" and "surgical strikes" - not knowing if they will be the next target
of his "madness"

Hindu Samaj is slowly realising this cancer which we have voted upon ourselves.
The entire country needs to understand Modi's "surgical strikes" are weapons
of mass destruction unleashed on India's own people and are causing
immense destruction in the short run with unknown long-term consequences.


On Fri, Jan 6, 2017 at 8:30 PM, MG Kapoor <> wrote:
Dear All,

Various opinion polls are predicting BJP win in UP, Uttarakhand and Goa.

I traveled to UP and Uttarakhand in  November. I found even erstwhile BJP supporters

cursing Modi barring of course some staunch supporters of the BJP. 

That said, my view is as under on the "Opinion Polls": 

The voter today is very clever. He won't give away his mind to the pollsters. 

Case in sight is that of Delhi polls. Opinion polls and pollsters had predicted 32 seats for the BJP
and 28 for the AAP. And we all know how far this was from the reality. AAP got 60 and the BJP a single digit - a meagre three. 

Another reason being people who suffered due to demonetisation think speaking against the BJP
and Modi on camera or otherwise may be inviting more troubles - which they cannot afford to have -
having already been troubled. 

In fact Modi and Co has created "Fear Psychosis" in the public - like Hitler had done.
Even media is gripped with this "fear psychosis". 

That is why even the media perhaps is intentionally showing such results just to please Modi -
the way sycophants do. This does not augur well for a democracy. 

People are waiting for the polls. 

Time will tell the story. Let's wait for the poll results. 

Col MG Kapoor

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