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're Shri Venkataraman's comment on AAP's neglect of SWM in Delhi, the Municipality is completely controlled by the BJP, the salary arrears/upgrades problem has been festering for months leading to two major strikes, and it is probably the most corrupt municipality in the country given the population it is meant to serve, the finances it collects from property taxes and its legendary muster rolls of ghost workers and lists of corrupt contractors (and JEs, AEs ) over three decades.
However, when I was  enquiring about house mutation issues two years ago, other petitioners overheard me complaining and said it wasn't going to require any bribes as AAP (at least then) had put the screws on its functioning such that no officers were demanding bribes of ordinary citizens. My experience corroborates that - absolutely no bribes were even hinted at in my dealings with the property mutation matter.

Solid waste management problems exist in all Indian cities due to venal municipal councillors and officers.

Joya Roy

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India Against Corruption

                                                           DELHI GOVERNANCE GO FOR A TOSS

It is highly disturbing to read that garbage is not being removed in Delhi with accumulation of dirt and filth on the streets ,as the municipal workers have not been paid salary. This would cause spread of contagious disease and pollution which will affect the health of the poor people living in unsafe conditions.

It appears that AAP government in Delhi is more interested in disruptive politics and winning election  in Goa and Punjab by hoodwinking the voters with their false claim of fighting against corruption .. Obviously, Delhi governance is of least priority to the AAP leaders.  

A careful review of the performance of AAP rule in Delhi would highlight the fact that very little worthwhile work has been done.  In such circumstance, the poll prediction that AAP will do well in Punjab is causing concern.   Hope the voters in Punjab will be more alert than the voters in Delhi.


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