Wednesday, January 4, 2017

[IAC#RG] Increase the size limit of emails for Discussion on Cashless Economy

To List Moderator,,
CC List Members.

Sir / Madam,

  Recently I noticed that my slide set of Cashless Economy is larger than the limit of email size limit. People prefer to go through the slide set instead of going through the long text in the paper.

 I also noticed that due to unfair interests of the powerful influential persons my blog is not accessible at times. It is user unfriendly for the list members to ask to poll the blog URL for it.

 In light of the above, I request you to increase the email size or temporarily allow me to send the email with increased size limit. Then we will have OPEN and WELL EDUCATED discussion on Cashless Economy. 

With Best Regards
Samir Srivastava 

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