Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Re: [IAC#RG] Suggestions Invited: Accidental Discovery of demonetised currency at home post Dec 30 Deadline

My Suggestion

Since you are a senior citizen & an ex-Defence officer,  your reports are likely to be taken as correct as Defence service officers are & have been actually a cult carrying facts as it is, truthfully. 

 Of all existing systems what is amenable is the Third arm of constitution  - Juduciary which have higher degree of reliability. Hence, you may take that route as it is seen practically reliable & dependable, as on date.

So, you can declare the facts supported by possible evidences / witness (if required) under oath in an affidavit in front of  judicial authorities in nearby civil court of law.

Then Take it to the nearest RBI office. Submit it on an application. It is reasonable to expect to get it cleared for payment without further hassle.

Wish you all the best

Lt Col G K Menon (Veteran)
Thrissur, Kerala.

On 11 Jan 2017 9:34 a.m., "Colonel Srikant" <colonelsrikant@gmail.com> wrote:
While packing to move house, in Bangalore, my wife and I discovered, yesterday, one lakh rupees in demonetised notes in our steel cupboard, which we had kept aside for medical and other emergencies (we are both well above 60 years and retired from government service- army and banking), and overlooked to deposit by Dec 30. 
Can anyone, under the unexpected circumstances, suggest the best possible solution to help us out and whom to contact for same? 

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