Friday, January 6, 2017

Re: [IAC#RG] PUBLIC NOTICE: India Against Corruption's stand on note demonetization

Dear Col. Dalvi

HRA does not share your optimistic assessment about BJP's chances in UP and Punjab. It is still to early to call it. BJP's weakness is lack of credible CM faces in both Punjab and UP. How long can Modi's tired old face keep pulling the BJP's vijay-rath ? Indian voters are increasingly seeing that Modi's last 2.5 years have achieved nothing substantive. How long can his bhakts keep blaming vague anti-nationals, corruption and IAS babus for this failure, when Modi's top advisors are openly linked to Chota Rajan in the same way Congress and their allies were linked to Dawood?

On another note, it was clear that SP split would be engineered. BJP agents like Amar Singh and RamGopal Yadav saw to that. The new gimmick to aid Akhilesh is that in name of poll reforms the Election Commission will replace party symbols by photos of candidates. Lets see if ECI does it for these elections.

It is not yet time for HRA to announce final solution. We must first estimate role of the new cash in purchasing elections and thereby democracy.


On Sat, Jan 7, 2017 at 10:50 AM, Rajinder Dalvi <> wrote:
The other facts you did not mention

Modi was compelled to hastily announce demonetisation on 8 Nov only when it became clear that Donald Trump is the next US President and Bill Gate's substantial investments in India are at risk if Trump walks the talk.

Modi was heavily purchased by Bill Gates and demonetzation was annnounced when Govt was completely unprepared and only holding Rs. 2,000 notes.

You are right that this is a government operating to benefit US MNCs, hawala operators, Chota Rajans and Ambani/Adanis Gujarati cronies. It is amazing how all the top US sotware magnates managed to get Indian CEOs (Nachiket Mor, Sunder Pichai) to carry on their business and how they get open access to Modi.

Although it is certain that BJP will perform very well in UP and Punjab, the final outcome is that of a rigged match because the BJP controls most of the new Rs.2,000 notes which will be distributed to the "purchaseable" voters. Therefore the outcome of these elections means nothing except that it could hopefully trigger a stock market vertical take-off to propel the next generation of banias and Lav-Kush Patels to emigrate to USA so India is finally rid of them and the final solution does not have to be applied by patriots.


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