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Re: [IAC#RG] PUBLIC NOTICE: India Against Corruption's stand on note demonetization

The mails of Sarbajit Roy and truevalue pandian are nothing but figment of imaginations of these two gentlemen who could not digest the sudden shock of demonetization and its consequences especially on black moneys and corruption.

V. S. Sardesai

On Friday, 6 January 2017 1:16 PM, Hirak Nag <> wrote:

Your two mails by Sarbajit Roy and Holy 2 Plus are sad reading and clearly indicates that our Government does not care for the welfare of its ordinary citizens, like me, and more importantly our poor, innocent, hardworking citizens. I have always maintained that our Govt. must consider first the effects on our poor, hardworking and innocent people before enacting any legislation. Besides what has been stated in the two mails our Poor have been adversely effected by the Demonetization, many have lost their earnings and have had very little to eat, which to me, is unforgiveable. I, as an ex-Navy veteran of now 81 yrs, earnestly appeal to my Pradhan Sevak to make amends and DO NOT  take such BAD decisions any further. Jai Hind, please.   Regards, Hirak Nag.   

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Dear Mr. Pandian

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In reply to your post, it is now abundantly clear :-

1) That since early 2015 Modi Govt and RBI had all information about the huge quantities (ca. 15%) of FAKE notes in circulation in India - mostly in hinterland where banking penetration is lower and chits / para-bankers / money-lenders / Ponzis rule the roost.

2) That Modi and Raghuram Rajan deliberately did not act to weed out these notes, but allowed these para-bankers to inject even more fake notes till it reached about 25% of all money in circulation (ie. about Rs. 3 lakh crores of fake money). Their complicity is thereby established.

3) It is complete nonsense to say such fake notes came in from Pakistan or through terror networks. These notes were printed in the very same overseas first-world facilities regularly used by IB and RAW to print fake Pakistani notes. Raghuram Rajan surely knows all this because his father was in IB and RAW finally retiring as Chairman JIC and is an old associate of Doval and was Doval's boss.

4) When "Team Modi" disclosed to RBI on 20th Oct at RBI's Central Board meeting at Kanpur that there would be demonetisation all hell broke loose at that meeting and 2 Dy Governors tipped off the local media.

5) On 8 No. 2016 a meeting of RBI's board was held, which was substantially boycotted by RBI, ultimately only Urjit Patel and 2 official members from Govt of India took the decision on behalf of RBI to recommend demonetisation in contravention of all procedural norms / bypassing systemic checks and balances.

6) Till date the RBI is unwilling to share its recommendations to Govt of India recommending  demonetisation of these 500 and 1,000 notes, and all RTIs for this vital document are being mindlessly rejected citing 8(1)(a) - national / economic security.

7) It is an open secret that this demonetisation was well timed by Team Modi to win elections in Punjab and Uttar Pradesh which they were otherwise certain to lose.

8) Key opposition parties like AAP (for Punjab) and BSP (for UP) have been bought over and otherwise forced into submission by Modi to ensure BJP victory in these key states.

9) Through demonetisation, the BJP has been able to convert about Rs. 3 lakh crores of fake notes purchased very cheaply through Doval's IB networks and smuggled into India through Chota Rajan's gang into genuine (ie. legal tender) ones. The sheer brazen-ness of this scheme which was under planning for at least 4 years is mind boggling. These "white" funds of course will be used to pump up the stock market through Gujarati / Marwari broker "big bull" networks and the millions of "bot" Aadhar operated a/cs opened by Modi which will be computer controlled using Aadhaar.

10) There is a clear subversion of democracy in this process of systematic loot. Transparency and accountability has been thrown out of the window. Decisions are being taken in great secrecy and national security is being invoked at the drop of a hat to keep the public in dark. IAC can safely say the present BJP Govt is now the most corrupt one in India's history, surpassing the Congress's legendary corruption by leagues. What has begun in West Bengal today is only the spark if this trend continues.


On Wed, Jan 4, 2017 at 8:59 PM, "" < > wrote:
Please look at the so called scams closely. They emerge from nowhere at the time of elections and fade away once the elections are over. The incoming government never cares for proceeding with the case. Even when they do, the opposition finds a way to stall the proceedings indefinitely. Even if both the parties are keen, our learned judges find a way to delay the decision till kingdom come. All the cases will promptly resurface once the next election is announced. That is why we find Anderson living in India even enough he is dead and buried in his own country. The long and short of it is that politicians are a creed in itself which will never permit a species of its own colour punished for any offense. That is why you find floor crossings and recrossings at the wink of the eye like Rinaldo playing for Manchester United for one season and Real Madrid in the next. Most of the reported scams are executive decisions which the politicians blow out of proportion to win elections. Kindly recall BJPs election speeches and the acrimony involved to appreciate my contention. I have been watching Congress rule for 65 years. I do not deny that they could have done better, but have done fairly well. The fault lies with the system. You hand over the country to elected ( or not even elected ) representatives and expect them to run the nation. This is what you get in return. Uneducated always have a grudge against the educated. They refuse to consult. Any economist worth his salt would have advised PM on the perils of demonetisation. Incidentally, you have forgotten Lalit Modi and Mallya. Regards.

from Holly2 Plus

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