Friday, January 6, 2017


Dear friends,
The corruption  started  from parliament. Mr. Modi ji silence  on parliament and put cloud  burst  on common  people. During  the sixty  days who died corrupted  people  or innocent  people?.  In 1969 Smt. Indira Gandhi  banned  corporate  donation  to political  parties but in1985 her son shri. Rajeev Gandhi made legalised corporate  donations. Afer corruption  rapidly  increased  in India. The corporate  donations  caused  anti mandal movement change  of Shri. V. P. SINGH and Sh. Chandrasekhar  from  PM posts. Later started purchasing  of MPs in parliament  and ask questions in the parliament and around  the MPs all over  world  freely  with corporate  donations  and money. The MPs without  attend  parliament  draw  salaries  and TA and DA. How the  PM and Rahul Gandhi  honest  to nation? In the country   so many people  working  16 hours  to 20 hours. Once ask theirs monthly  salaries. In 2015 MODI ji put gold coat.

Every politician over the ages has been stating from roof tops that the corrupt will not be spared. Implementation has always been, as also of now, tardy and selective.

Common man is effected by corruption at the level of Havaldar, Patwari, Kanungo, Trfc policeman, clerks in various govt offices. I do not know how demonetisation is going to stop these functionaries from keeping on demand for money.

Higher level corruption flows down from election expenditure and politicians. Hoe demonetisation will stop it without election reforms is not understandable.


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 Date: Sunday, January 1, 2017, 6:18 PM

 India Against

                   WHITHER  MR. MODI'S 

 The question uppermost in the
 mind of the people now is whether Mr. Modi would really
 succeed in ensuring a corruption free India. Large number of
 people appear to be still sceptical, though they think that
 Mr. Modi is very sincere and they wish him
 With the government machinery
 and the law enforcing agencies themselves  considerably
 corrupt, with many politicians both in Mr. Modi's party
 and in the opposition parties suspected to be of indulging
 in corrupt practices and with the  black money  becoming
 an essential need for the political parties to fight
 elections, many people seem to think that Mr. Modi may be
 waging a losing battle against corruption. However, the redeeming fact
 that has come out after the demonetization exercise is
  that the people are willing to stand by Mr. Modi in his
 battle. They expect him to give a very strong lead for the
 anti corruption movement in India and people would follow if
 it would be practically possible.
 Mr. Modi's New Year eve
 speech on 31st December,2016 certainly has made
 people think that here is a Prime Minister who has the
 courage to say that dishonest and corrupt officials will not
 be spared.
 Mr. Modi has certainly
 kindled  hope amongst common men  that the anti corruption
 movement would go forward and would  succeed sooner or
 N.S.VenkataramanNandini Voice For The 

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