Monday, January 16, 2017

Re: [IAC#RG] Impleadment in matter of Shri Ashutosh Gupta's outrageous blog on


Swati Maliwal did not name the minister.

Never heard of brothels in Chandni Chowk. GB road is the known area for brothels and way beyond Chandni Chowk.

There is another Uninion Minister from this area as well. So Dr. Harsh Vardhan name could be a conjucture.

The matter is still worth pursuing-either to prove Maliwal is malicious in making the allegation or to expose the concerned minister. The racket is certainly thriving through police/political protection either at State or Centre level.


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Subject: Re: [IAC#RG] Impleadment in matter of Shri Ashutosh Gupta's outrageous blog on
Lalita K claims to now not even be a primary member of BJP after being
nominated as Chairperson NCW. The latest simlar show cause / summons
NCW issued is to the Congress Home Minister in Karnataka over the
Bangalore gropings.

It is for Arvind Kejriwal and his party to disclose their evidence
against Dr. Harsh Vardhan considering that it was Swati Maliwal who
stated at her press conference that a Union Minister and prominent
Delhi politician (making Harsh Vardhan the only suspect) is the patron
of these GB Road brothels. Of course it is very convenient that AAP's
Ashutosh lost out to Dr. Harsh Vardhan from Chandni Chowk where these
brothels are situated.

On 1/16/17, Prodipto Roy <> wrote:
> All appointments of heads of  important institutions are made on political
> considerations not on the basis of competence or merit. Lalitha K. is a
> member of BJP's National Executive so would never expose wrongdoing by her
> party members.
> What is the source of your evidence on Harsh V's GB Road connections?
> J. Roy

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